Author Topic: Connex will continue to operate Jersey's buses until 2012.  (Read 6531 times)

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Re: Connex will continue to operate Jersey's buses until 2012.
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Don't forget that they still have to sink all the roads around that area. Do you think that they will have the foresight to make them tall enough for double deckers or can we just double the cost when they have to sink it another 2 feet once they finish.

Cynical eh?

Dont forget we have sea level rises due to climate change to add to that. Sinking roads may well and truly end up sunken roads. Just like I envisage the new waterfront underpass will end up - underwater both financially and literally.

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Re: Connex will continue to operate Jersey's buses until 2012.
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Good news regarding the new bus contract. I thought that I would take a couple of members of planet Jersey with me and fly business class to London, do an interview with the company at their headquarters in the capital, have a meal in a top flight restaurant, then we could all stay in a five star hotel and have drinkies and return the next day.

Its all worked out well though, because I have found enough information after a long internet trawl lasting one and a half minutes. The company tells us


Jersey’s travelling public can look forward to a number of enhancements to the Island’s bus services that will be introduced over the first year of the new service. These will include;

    A brand new bus fleet (except for some school transport vehicles) including five double deck vehicles that will operate on an expanded airport route;
   The introduction of a smartcard scheme. This will enhance the existing cash payment system so that passengers will experience faster boarding times;

    Route and timetable improvements including more services running later in the evenings and at weekends;

    The introduction of smaller minibus style vehicles better suited to the driving conditions of the roads in some rural areas;

    As a part of the organisation’s social enterprise approach, CT Plus Jersey aims to reinvest one third of any profits made into local community transport services for people who find conventional public transport difficult to use.;

    If the service makes a significant surplus, the company will give half of it back to the States of Jersey. So, if the operating profit for the service exceeds 3%, the company will split the excess equally with the States. This will help pay for the Island’s public transport services and infrastructure.

Scrutiny is also pleased.


TAXPAYERS’ money is being spent wisely on the new contract to run the Island’s bus service, a report has found.


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Re: Connex will continue to operate Jersey's buses until 2012.
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:)  Oh Shute!  I was hoping to be on that research delegation.  Never mind I will just have to wait and be voted into the States election time!  Nice work if I can get it. 

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