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Parking in St Helier
« on: April 25, 2012, 03:56:06 AM »

St Helier residents parking ( RPZ ) championed by Constable Crowcroft is relatively new.

Let us not forget the old system of paycards that allowed a visit to a house in St Helier, or maybe a call out by tradesman,  just put a paycard up. More importantly parking was free between 6 pm and 8 am weekdays and at weekends and bank holidays free.

Now there is no free parking, its residents or nothing in many streets. Your friendly call out plumber can purchase a temporary permit for £5.50, few bother with the hassal of going to the town hall with the time wasted.

This system costs far more than the mentioned cities  below, and Jersey prices have just been increased by 10%.  Even Westminster does not charge as much as Jersey at £231 for any type of car or size of engine. Is it really a better system ? certainly more expensive for many.

City of Westminster

Engine 1200cc & above   Â£132.00     on line   Â£115.00
Engine below 1200cc           £94.0         on line   Â£83.00
Eco Vehicle: Electric, gas, hybrid, fuel cell   Free (with required proofs)   
Motorcycle                         £50.00     on line  £50.00

Richmond   ( Twickenham )

About your permits
•   Only available to domestic residents of the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)
•   Permits are free of charge
•   Only required on specific event days as signposted on the zone entry signs (a list of these days can be found on the Event Day timetable)
•   Only one permit is allowed per person
•   Only available for a specific vehicle
•   Permits are valid for 12 months
Residency and vehicle ownership must be proven


20% off Parking in the City

We have slashed the price of parking in the city by 20% to support our residents and businesses during the recession. The parking discount is for selected car parks and applies to parking Season Tickets and Pay As You Park cards. Details of where the car parks are, the different discounts and how to apply for them are listed below.


St Helier honoraries hand out extra £25,000 in fines in 2011


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Re: Parking in St Helier
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2012, 09:43:28 PM »
 you mean  a tradesman who will bother to call at all if you are in a rpz.
 try rebuilding a house in one of these zones its a joke
 red tape /  more permits   we are drowning in administration.