Author Topic: Bring back Bergerac!!!  (Read 9903 times)

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Re: Bring back Bergerac!!!
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I have traveled fairly extensively and the charm that Jersey has to offer is that it has an abundance of benefits , it does have beautiful views, it does have a relatively safe environment, and it is quite warm and welcoming .
However it does not have the "most beautiful views in the world"  the views from Guernsey , Sark, Herm are equally as beautiful.
We do not have a Grand Canyon, we do not have a Ayers Rock, we do not have vistas over the Tundra ,we do not strangely have herds of wilder beast , nor any other significant flora or fauna  which cannot be found anywhere else  (the jersey lily !please give me a break , there are thousands of lilies many of them far more dramatic and beautiful than our own) I will personally poke in the eye anyone who mentions the "agile frog" so bloody agile few of us have seen it !
Jersey, nice place to live and come back to ,but please let us not pretend it is especially beautiful.
The reality is surely that if you are not a resident here , then it is a "nice " place , but it is not Marrakesh, nor is it Jordan , nor does it have a Disney Land , no rivers run through it.I live here and have done 95% of my life and would be happier if people accepted the Island without all the pretense of it being the "most" of anything. Our sand dunes are replicated and bettered for 100 miles down the
the west coast of France ,  our 5 mile rd , is actually only three miles long. I would guess the Carres were trying to sell some land at some point!

The reason why it is called the Five Mile Road is meant to be because the area was once called Le Fief de Mielles

This was then anglicised into Five Mile

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Re: Bring back Bergerac!!!
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The thief of miles? I still say its the Carres

Bollocks, it's because our "In you Its" can't count without adding a bit! (Try saying that on a third gin!)
!dereggub si draobyek ym kniht I