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Barack Obama for Chief Minister 2018
« on: March 01, 2017, 07:39:25 PM »
Barack Obama for Chief Minister of Jersey 2018 ?

Although a joke but it does make you think what ex USA  president Barack Obama would do differently in Jersey's politics and highly likely coax the Jersey people out of their lethargy to vote.

 A group of French people started a spoof petition calling for Obama to stand for their presidential election and have collected already 43000 signatures. The campaign group claim that due to the fact that they are worried by the actual candidates (a dozen of them now), most notably Marine Le Pen, the far-right politician who is leading in the polls.


The insurgent far-right, anti-immigrant, and potentially Russia-backed candidate who has surged in the polls ahead of the election. France’s divided left and center-right blocs have struggled to block Le Pen’s rise amid a growing wave of anti-establishment movements across Europe.

The Obama nostalgia may be a reflection of voter disgust with the field of candidates. Le Pen is embroiled in scandal over allegedly misappropriating campaign funds through a fake EU parliament contract and center-right candidate François Fillon is accused of siphoning 1 million euros of parliamentary money to his wife and children. Meanwhile, centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is being dogged by rumors of an extramarital affair and French President François Hollande of the Socialist Party had to bow out of reelection after his approval rating dipped to a dismal 4 percent late last year. Yikes.

Although a joke the momentum in France is increasing and some lawyers have been looking into the fact that Obama does not have French citizenship.  Interestingly until 2006 when the French law changed former USA president Bill Clinton could have easily gained French citizenship due to his being born in Arkansas — which used to be part of French Louisiana and ran for French president.

At least Obama would have no language barrier in Jersey.

The French campaigne wants to send a message to the far right and a lesson by democracy, if they would have a chance to elect a foreign president.

If a similar campaign would start in Jersey, I wonder what message the Jersey people would like to send to the government?

Is it time for change to have a competent and confident leader the people feel comfortable and enthusiastic  to vote for?


 The Underdog Candidate in France’s Elections: Obama

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Re: Le Pen meets her Russian sugar daddy
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2017, 07:31:26 AM »
This photo opportunity in Moscow with her string puller Vlad will surely sink her election boat for good:

There can be no doubt now that the Russians are trying to influence the French presidential election in her favour and my personal opinion is that this will not go down well with undecided French voters... but what do I know!