Author Topic: Today Police officer charged with drink driving and hit & run - not suspended !  (Read 1566 times)

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The reason given for not suspending him is that the incident is not related to his job...
Huh ?
He is a police officer whose job it is to uphold and enforce the law....and he is charged with a criminal offence !
What do you think ?

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Oh Boy!  I think people are going to have fun with this one!

Stupid indeed!

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PC Bowron really has some explaining to do.

Questions one, is it now ok for a working policeman who himself has been charged with drink driving to arrest a drink driver.

Would in this type scenario be called    A) unacceptable   B)  Hypocritical  C) The Jersey way.

Given that the law is supposed to be blind and of course no one stands above it.

Does it mean that a serving police officer who is trusted and employed to maintain the law of the land can still do so having been charged with breaking it.

How will this incident reflect on the " good and caring police men and women " in the force that joined to uphold the law and will any of them work with him till after the trial.

As there are apparently charges brought will the trial be in secret ? the new Jersey way ?

Ex Senator Syvret tells Jersey from his blog, that the justice system is broken and selective, as do Deputies Shona and Trevor Pitman. If it is not will Judges, lawyers and other professions be able to keep working when they are charged with a crime like this policeman as a precedent is being set ?


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 many  years ago, there was a poster or t shirt  that said .
 "who  will keep  the people in order ?
  who  keep  the people in order ".
 maybe  the  man in  charge  will have him  walking  the  beat  all  winter .