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Re: Yet ANOTHER campaign to extend Jersey's nightclub opening hours
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In case anyone hasn't already heard about this, here is a an eye-opening article by Christopher Snowdon published in February by Spectator Health which reveals the influence that the temperance lobby had on the Chief Medical Officer's decision to lower the recommended number of weekly alcohol units for men from 21 down to a paltry 14 and to declare that there was "no safe level of alcohol". Extract from the article here:


The Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS), a small but hardline anti-alcohol organisation, was heavily represented on the committee. The IAS was formed in the 1980s as a direct successor to the UK Temperance Alliance which, in turn, had been formed out of the ashes of the UK Alliance for the Suppression of the Traffic of All Intoxicating Liquors, a prohibitionist pressure group. The IAS receives 99 per cent of its income from the Alliance House Foundation whose official charitable objective is ‘to spread the principles of total abstinence from alcoholic drinks’. Its director, Katherine Brown, was on the CMO’s panel, as was its ‘expert adviser’ Gerard Hastings, although he failed to disclose his IAS role in his declaration of interests.

The IAS’s scientific adviser Petra Meier was also on the committee and was joined by her Sheffield University colleague John Holmes. Holmes and Meier are both strong advocates for minimum pricing and helped develop a computer model which has been repeatedly used to promote minimum pricing by producing estimates of the number of lives that will supposedly be saved by the policy.

I had thought that the temperance movement had died a death after the disastrous Prohibition era in the United States but this just goes to prove that when we get a bit complacent and lower our vigilance, they soon crawl back out from under their stone, no doubt also emboldened by the rise of Salafist dogma across western Europe.

And here's a rare defeat for the Jersey branch of the temperance movement with confirmation that the 20,000+ people who signed the recent petition organised by local supermarkets have been successful in persuading the Jersey government to ditch its plans to outlaw cut-price alcohol promotions in shops and supermarkets:

This is a very rare victory over the Health and Safety Police so why don't we all raise a small glass tonight to people power, eh?  :)
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