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sorry could not find a thread for this .
« on: July 17, 2013, 01:34:28 AM »
 well  i  am  sure i  did  read  that  white  van man would be looked  at ,  rolling off  the ferry .
  where  are  you going ?  who  are  you  working  for ?
  and  where is  your  permit?
  not  the  case this morning.
  parked on  the pavement on pier  road   was  a  polish van carrying out  the  work of   refrigeration  and air  conditioning.(  klimatyzacja).
 yet it is  doubtfull  that  all of  the ex  acj  workers (  the  company  that went  to wall last month) have full employment .
  the fact  that  jobs  are  still advertised on  job site, with the words  5 years  residency not required
  still  goes on  shows  the  goverment  are just paying lip  service  to   the unemplyment situation.