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Grey Wolf (Mystery and Intrigue)
« on: January 05, 2013, 12:15:23 AM »
As the Channel Islands over the years have been very close to the subject of the German Occupation with many tourist attractions showing how the islanders suffered during WWII and also displaying some of the infrastructure that the German Occupation left  behind I thought I would do some research on the period and turn up relevant  books to study.

Well!  Look what I turned up!  I will be ordering this book today because my interest was aroused by a program I saw on the tv yesterday evening as I was flipping through remotely on Freeview.

Now I can't say I really believe half of what was said in the program but from what I have witnessed over the past twenty years in the world of politics I owe it to myself to read this book and form my own opinion on whether what it contains could actually bear anything relating to the truth.

The author sounded extremely convincing and I was looking for clues as to his integrity (having a friend of a friend of a friend who used to be in the FBI  :-X  who knows about things like body language and wrote a big book on it  :-X

If this book and what it purports to inform us about is only half true then the subjects spun the hugest amount of spin ever spun.

Just sharing!

The Book:  Grey Wolf

Apparently it is and I quote "Fascinating, enjoyable but ultimately not convincing
I fully expected just to give this a cursory listening before dumping it with maybe a scathing review. In fact I found it fascinating and absorbing. The book is read by American narrator Don Hagen with just a few proununciations that are grating the the British ear but with a dry, clear and firm delivery that does not try to over sell the text."

Cali  8)

PS I am so sorry I added a link to the spoken book in error but it will be easy to find the relevant book if you want to search for it.
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