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Accountability with the pennies.
« on: January 12, 2010, 11:18:04 PM »
It seems to be reasonable that the collection pot of all taxes, licences fees and other income is managed by the States for the benefit of the people of Jersey, who are legally obliged to pay taxes and other licences fees to the States.

It follows therefore that the same people ( shareholders of Jersey if you prefer )  should be able to see how each department spends its budget, in a clear and detailed manner. At the moment the published accounts, do not give anywhere near enough detail. The JEP had to use adopted freedom of information laws, to secure information on expense accounts !

Many years ago, this would have caused an administive nightmare, but as we have computer accounting to the finest detail, I would like a proposal taken to the States so that every penny spent can be shown. There is no reason at all not to give detailed breakdowns of departments spending.

Private sector businesses do this as normal practice for their tax returns.

By informing the islands taxpaying shareholders, this will go some way to explaining expenditure. The  accounts shown at the present time are far to basic, and the old execuse of, its beyond the publics intelligence on an island of bankers and finance workers is insulting. The proposition would read something like.

The proposition is that each and every States department, must by 2011 have in place a clear accounting mandate, that shows the budget granted to that department and how that budget is spend, this will be available on the Government website. This is shown at the present time, but under this proposition all spending over £10 pounds must be detailed individually, and clearly.

If not why not, surely they must have the figures already ?


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Re: Accountability with the pennies.
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Just spotted this item and thought it a reasonable question as its the publics money. ( borrowed from the Vile Blog).


I have e-mailed the auditor general twice with, as yet no reply or acknowledgement.

My question was if, as I am given to believe, a civil servant was given a large sum of money when he "retired" "resigned" or was sacked, would such a sum of money show up on any public accounts or would such sum of money be buried under the heading "other expenses" or "miscelaneous"

I doubt I will get an answer but the question remains. If Pollard was gifted £300,000 from the public purse, do the public have a right to know or can Terry le Sueur continue to hide behind employee confidentiality??

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 20:10:00 GMT

I rest my case.

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Re: Accountability with the pennies.
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Why do you not stick to cutting and pasting? when you try to be clever it just loses that,,,,well edge is not the word, but it is slightly less boring.