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Jersey Airshow
« on: February 23, 2014, 04:06:02 PM »
Well now we see just how some of the ministers work behind the scenes.
Nothing surprises me when you hear just what the economic development minister Alan Maclean has been doing in secret over the airshow and tapping up new sponsors for the airshow behind Deputy Higgins back.
This is just how and what they think about open government and respect for fellow states members.
One has to ask just what is in it for Maclean?
After 17 years that Mike Higgins has been doing all the work to bring us a brilliant airshow Maclean wants to pull the rug from under him all done in secret.
Then we hear all the excuses why Maclean is doing this and none of it is correct. I think Maclean should change his name from clean to dirty.