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Re: GST Anniversary
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2009, 06:16:04 PM »
You clearly have a lack of understanding of the tax system.
mpwpj, could you tell us, do you have a good understanding of the tax system? Do you work for SOJ or are you self employed?
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Re: GST Anniversary
« Reply #16 on: May 06, 2009, 07:55:10 PM »
A tax that costs more to implement than it receives is always a stupid tax. If the government had the common decency to impose this tax at the till instead of on the label , there would have been a lot less fuss.
If this stupid Government had not given £150 million straight to the UK govt. by creating the ludicrous situation where "foreign" companies , like , Woolies, BHS, Marks and Sparks and 100s of others do not pay tax in Jersey , we would not have this problem.
How the hell can TLS think he has done anything other than rape and pillage our tax system to satisfy the UK?
How on Earth does he have the brass balls to continue in office after being in charge of a £9million Treasury loss under his command ?
We spend our time on this website , being sidetracked by the inanities of Southern , Syvret and co. They waste our money in the States as our employees by trying to look bloody clever instead of dealing with fundamental issues . I for one would be happier with a single mp to the UK than continue with this bunch of parasites.

Sparty, I have criticised you before for being having too much anger but I like your above post. We need plain talking like this and call a spade a spade. All our politician's waffle gets us nowhere as as all they think about whether their own bread stays buttered
Now we have forecast for a new black hole TLS finds himself in a corner. He has guaranteed no increase in GST for another 2 years so he has the choice to either increase it or resign. I reckon what he will do is lower the £400 threshold to £200 or so which will give his civil servants even more work ( and pay )
Make no mistake, our island is in trouble and Ozouf and co are not able to get us out of the hole as they are stuck in one themselves ( without realising )
The civil service has got to be tackled rugby style, stopped in its track, shaken up and cut to the bone until it can grow again slowly to an efficient level
Back to basics and take it from there


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Re: GST Anniversary
« Reply #17 on: May 07, 2009, 12:09:07 AM »
mpwpj, could you tell us, do you have a good understanding of the tax system? Do you work for SOJ or are you self employed?
Neither, but have been both in the past.

My understanding of tax issues is 'okay', far better than some people, far less than others.  But most  significant is that many of those with a poor understanding, that I've had discussions with, claim to understand it completely.

I know enough to appreciate that the public funds and or services I receive are not directly related to the taxes I pay; if I pay taxes today, they're not set aside to pay for the ambulance that scraps me of the road if I get knocked over next year.