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PENSIONERS face the stark choice of ‘heating or eating’ this winter unless the States help them meet soaring energy costs, the chairman of Age Concern Jersey has warned.

Daphne Minihane says that many retired Islanders are at risk of hypothermia as they endure the misery of a cold house of flat. And she called on the States to follow the UK and help all those over the age of 60.

‘For many, it’s a case of either eat or heat,’ said Mrs Minihane, who has pleaded with the government to help more of the older generation pay their heating bills and not just those on Income Support. I am desperately worried that some old people will have to make a choice this winter over whether to eat properly or heat their homes,’ she said. ‘They need both of these things to keep warm and to survive but they might not be able to afford to pay for both.’

Her comments followed yesterday’s report that the winter fuel allowance could be increased by an extra 20 per cent to help those on Income Support pay. The increase, which would affect families with over 65s, children under three and those with significant disabilities, would benefit about half of the people currently receiving Income Support. However, though Mrs Minihane was delighted to hear that news, she is still worried for hundreds of other pensioners.