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GST food exemptions
« on: September 13, 2008, 04:01:19 PM »

GST food exemptions could be debated all over again in the States next year after this week’s three-day mammoth debate ended in stalemate.

Health Minister Ben Shenton says he will lodge proposals for an exemption for healthy foods after the coming elections. He has enlisted the support of Environment Minister Freddie Cohen and Assistant Health Minister Jim Perchard, and says that they will seek the advice of Medical Officer of Health Dr Rosemary Geller in drawing up the proposal.

Yesterday, the States voted 25 for and 25 against Deputy Carolyn Labey’s proposition to apply GST exemptions in line with the UK VAT system – with Senator Perchard among the ‘no’ votes. Ministers were split on the vote, while a majority of Constables voted to keep GST on food. The tie meant that the proposal was rejected, despite the Council of Ministers late U-turn on exemptions. A separate amendment to exempt domestic fuel was defeated by 31 votes to 19.

Speaking after the debate, Senator Shenton said: ‘I am disappointed that some existing States Members prefer to believe Treasury spin rather than the reality that food exemptions are possible and relatively painless for business to introduce. ‘I gave an assurance that the proposition to exempt food from GST will come to the new Assembly early in 2009.Hopefully the new House will realise that government must be run for the benefit of the people – not for the benefit of the government.’

Does this mean they are called the GST25 now?

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Re: GST food exemptions
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we all know what to do in october vote them out! thats what i will be doing