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Re: New hospital
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once again,"External Advisers", get the biggest slice of the Jersey pie. >:(

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Re: New hospital
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How much do the special advisers give to the states members as a thank you?

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Re: New hospital
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Borrowed from Tom De Gruchy's Blog.

Not that old red herring again. Banks are queuing up to lend Governments money being the safest borrowers in the world, they just raise taxes to meet capital and other spending when running short. Stand alone business can go bust remember Woolworth’s.

No doubt the council of ministers are staying well away from the discredited PFI method of borrowing ( now having such a bad reputation it is relabeled PPP ). 

The truth is as Mike Dunn and others have written in their submission's to the independent planning inspectorate, what is the island actually getting for it's hard earned money ?

The fine details are missing as is a professional business plan. Not quite sure what the internal design will be or the equipment provided ? A complete shambles. No person or family would invest in a new house or building with such a sketchy fog of a idea ? 

Why are other hospitals being built that are enormous complete with videos showing exactly what is being built compared to Jersey for far less money ?

Deputy Renouf was absolutely right when confronting the CM Gorst and his ministers in the states who did not feel scrutiny ( or anyone else ) should become involved in the borrowing of £466 million two weeks after the Innovation fund fiasco that involved just over £1 million and they had trouble controlling that relatively small amount.

Jersey clearly needs to go forward, so far the States have spent over £17 million without a brick being laid.
An example to support the many claims that for a population of just over 100,000 on an island this is a ridiculous amount of money please see the example.

The New Royal Liverpool Hospital for a cost of £335 Million:

• 646 beds, including a 40-bed Intensive Therapy Unit.

• 18 state-of-the-art theatres

• 23 wards and units, including a large clinical research facility.

• The Emergency Department which treats 172.000 patients will be one of the biggest in the north-west with a CT scanner and special lifts for major 

trauma patients, which go straight to theatres.

All credit to the Tom De Gruchy blog well worth a look.