Author Topic: Airport parking and quick pickups under threat.  (Read 1818 times)

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Airport parking and quick pickups under threat.
« on: August 23, 2011, 11:06:38 PM »
Just got back from the airport, picking up friends who are staying for a few days. We are being made to look like a Banana republic or should that be an old fashioned throw back from the Hitler nazi regime.

Got a call on my mobile and they had a couple of bags and  were smiling and happy to be in our wonderful island. Pick you up, just past the bus stop, I said.

Something is different thought I,  with no bus and a whole load of new bright road cones. Also a nice man in a bright yellow coat with security written on it.

The people carrier in front,  pulled in,  out of the traffic and in a flash the chap got in and it was gone. Mr Security man was scribbling on his very official looking pad taking his number down. Better not stop so as I drove past slowly I pointed over to the other side and they nodded. Went around and picked them up by the departure pull in.

After hello's conversation went like.................... are they always like that, no I said, they are normally pretty good.

I thought Jersey was a wealthy International Finance Centre said the friend. It is world class I said. What happens if it’s a little old lady being picked up. You are not allowed to pick up now obviously they want you to pay in the short term car park and the charges have just gone up.

The end of the conversation based on fifteen minutes of their personal experience on Jersey soil and being picked up at our modern super duper  (expensive)  airport was finalised in a statement by my friends that honestly I could not counter.

 " They are acting more like officials in a money grasping banana republic" .


Thanks for making me look a fool in my own island Senator Paul Routier the buck stops with you.


A Jersey politician has said Jersey Airport should provide more free parking when picking people up.
Deputy Andrew Green said although there was an area where drivers could wait for up to 10 minutes, it was not big enough and too far away from arrivals.

The politician responsible for the airport said they were looking at the issue of parking.
Senator Paul Routier said they hoped to introduce a free pick-up and drop-off zone in the future.


SERIOUS concerns have been raised about cost efficiencies at the Airport only weeks after the States announced drastic spending cuts across all departments.

The JEP can reveal that the Island’s 24 air traffic controllers are currently being paid overtime, believed to be £500 a day, to train on a new piece of operating software – software which has failed recent acceptance tests.


LONG-stay parking charges at Jersey Airport are the highest in Britain.
Motorists pay £100.80 to park for seven days – significantly more than the notoriously expensive London airports and almost twice as much as Guernsey Airport.


INVESTIGATING accountants have been called in to review allegations of mishandled Airport contracts.

Concerns have been raised publicly in recent weeks over the new £12m air traffic control tower, including allegations that an £800,000 redesign of the Channel Islands air space zone could have been done free of charge, that a £65,000 per year air traffic controller failed exams and was doing basic administrative work, and that a £6,000 signalling lamp could have been bought for £900.

The politician in charge of the airport is thinking of challenging  to be Chief Minister for Jersey !

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Re: Airport parking and quick pickups under threat.
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2011, 12:17:26 AM »
I always arrange to pick-up people from outside departures.

If they are late, you can always wait at Jersey Bowl - free parking.

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Re: Airport parking and quick pickups under threat.
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2011, 05:08:42 AM »
Were they also planning to charge taxi drivers for picking up I seem to remember reading somewhere.  Money grabbing of the worst kind.