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A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on Today at 02:43:26 AM »
Put the brakes on a bit and reevaluate what we are trying to achieve here,because to me it seems like its all about selling the island to immigrants to come here for a better life at the expense of the quality of life of people who already live here.

I totally agree with you on this bit. You only have to see the number of times various ministers re-tweet attractive touristy photos of Jersey and add the hashtag 'theislandbreak' as if it is part of their remit to attract more 1(1)ks. They can't be aiming at normal tourists because they've allowed most of the hotels to be replaced by housing - there isn't enough room for real tourists here any more!

There is a slow, suffocating gentrification that has been going on here for a handful of years now. It has gone beyond just the loss of once affordable housing for locals. There seems to be a silent but nevertheless detectable attitude of contempt amongst some of the high-flying business people who have come here in recent years, attracted by those pictures of surfers at St Ouen's Bay. They never say it to your face but you can tell what they're thinking. You know the types- they're in the Bailiwick Express every week and that Gallery mag would have nothing to print if they weren't here.

Here's a story from today's Guardian that shows it is not just happening here. In this example, the business at the centre of this controversy appears to have closed, at least temporarily, to avoid a storm of protests from locals. If the same thing happened here, nobody would even notice the damn sign in the first place, let alone complain about it:

A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by shortport on Yesterday at 10:58:20 PM »
I've got a feeling there will be a poor choice of candidates next year.I mean look at the pile of shit they will inherit from the last 10 years of establishment mismanagement.Almost every aspect of island life is in decline.A complete lack of environmental concerns,deliberate uncontrolled immigration,unaccountablity at every level of government,quangos wasting taxpayers money and not accountable to anyone.
Even if there was a candidate with the right intentions and intelligence,because there are no political parties he/she would be a lone voice amongst the other 50.
There is no hope unless a political party of at least 20 candidates got in and all voted the same.A bit like we've got now with the ministers and constables,only ones that would do some good for the island.Put the brakes on a bit and reevaluate what we are trying to achieve here,because to me it seems like its all about selling the island to immigrants to come here for a better life at the expense of the quality of life of people who already live here.
General Discussion / VAT/GST
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on Yesterday at 04:16:42 PM »
I couldn't help thinking what the move was when I was watching Channel Report the other night and they were on about certain shops selling with VAT.

It is wrong that VAT is charged - but they were on about stopping it and having them pay GST.Now, who is going to bother with that?

They will simply say we don't post to Jersey and that will effectively kill online shopping in Jersey. Is that their real aim? Also, all goods coming in will have GST applied - whereas now it is goods after a certain value (is it about £120). Again, lots of red tape and delays.

Sorry but I can't help thinking they have a motive or hidden agenda and I can't help being cynical about them.


Peter Greig.
A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on Yesterday at 08:13:51 AM »
Its official,Noel's not standing.Thats one bit of good news,lets hope the rest of the Council of Ministers decide not to stand.

It will be very interesting to see who is chosen as Noel's replacement as this is a rock-solid pro-government rotten borough where nobody dares stand against the official candidates (and anybody who dared would probably face humiliation at the ballot box). One way that the government thinks it can improve its image is by picking female and ethnic minority candidates - and if they happen to be gay than even better! By doing this it distracts the voter's attention away from the fact that they probably share the same backgrounds, political outlooks and social status as the existing white male Ministers and will support and defend most of the policies that have made the current Ministers so unpopular. In 2014, they deliberately recruited DJs to try to soften the government's image. This time they may also give the nod to a few of the Uni youngsters that they've been carefully grooming for political office since their school days. When these schoolkids are given a day in the Assembly pretending that they understand what politics is about, it is an excellent opportunity for the real States Members watching them in the public gallery to spot and recruit the ones they like most for the government cause.

So that is 4 characteristics to look out for: female, ethnic minority, gay and just out of Uni.

Whether he actually stands or not (and I believe he will) Establishment kingpin Andy Jehan will have a major influence on the government next Spring. He is already forcing through some of the policies he wants now - and he hasn't even been elected yet! He is probably personally responsible for persuading the government to change its mind and opt for a student loans scheme. The upper income households in Jersey are more than aware that most of the loans never get repaid and a future government could always decide to formally write off all the outstanding debts anyway. I am sure the wealthier households in the UK have probably worked out legal loopholes to enable their kids to avoid ever having to pay anything back. If debts aren't ever repaid then obviously this means that the taxpayer has paid the fees on behalf of those students. Interesting that Gordon Brown said that he wanted to introduce a tax on graduates rather than a student loan scheme when Labour were in government but Tony Blair wanted the loan scheme, which may well prove to be another disastrous Blair mistake that costs the country hundreds of billions of pounds. In Jersey it will just be presented as a fait accompli - there will be no discussion on whether alternatives to a student loan scheme might be better.

Also I would be amazed to put it mildly if Colin Macleod's name isn't on the senatorial ballot paper as it is so very obvious that he has been using his Co-op position for some time to promote his public image. Giving free fruit to kids, demonstrating on behalf of gays. Is there no end to the range of politically right on activities that this man does? Don't be fooled. He will be standing to join the government and defend most of its recent policies - not to oppose them.

Also, don't think I have not noticed how many dozens of times the Establishment media have allowed Jacqui Carrel free reign to promote herself. She has clocked up so many TV appearances this year that I reckon she could soon come close to breaking Lyndon Farnham's record set back in 2014. Ironically, after he became a Minister, the number of his TV appearances dropped off considerably because he was too busy doing ministerial work to have the time to get in front of the camera. We only tend to see him nowadays after Condor has committed its latest outrage against its customers, which is admittedly quite a lot. The only question is which seat Carrel will stand in (parish Deputy or island Senator?). We'll know soon enough. Personally I just wish she would do us all a favour and disappear up her own bum, never to be seen on BBC or ITV ever again.

Reform Jersey supporters Kit Ashton and Ollie Cooper will be standing or I'm a buttered cream cracker. If not under the official party banner then at least as Reform Jersey friendly independents, like Deputy Louise Doublet. I reckon the party will cop out and only run a weak, untested candidate for Senator, one who they don't really expect to get elected anyway. The interesting thing will be how much the unions would be willing to cough up to support a weak candidate that is not really expected to get elected. It will be a risk if they run Mezec for Senator, as Macleod and Jehan are guaranteed a seat if they stand. Gorst will also be returned. Then there is Sarah Ferguson who has the form on Mezec. So that's 4 seats he won't get. If someone like Shenton also decided to stand and then Anthony Lewis gets the sympathy vote, that's 6 seats down. That would leave Mezec fighting it out for 7th or 8th place. Or he could just stand again in Bum Town and get automatically re-elected on a 0.1% turnout. Seems like a no-brainer to me!  ;D

I cannot see how Ozouf could possibly retain his Senator's seat yet he has been clearly electioneering with his budget proposals this week so it seems he may be planning to stand again. All eyes will surely be on the St Saviour Constable's and Deputy's seats to see if he does a 'Len Norman' and makes the switch to save his career for at least another 4 years....
General Discussion / Re: Share transfer properties
« Last post by shortport on November 21, 2017, 09:57:00 PM »
Does seem very low to me,especially as many of these new build apartments are aimed at buy to let investors.
So if overseas buyers really are thin in the ground they must be being bought by local investors.Local investors with a vested interest in keeping rents high,even andium homes with their rents at 90% of market value for affordable homes is a joke.
so the next questions to be asked is how many share transfer properties are owner occupied and how many are rented out.Mind you this might give us a false impression as I've heard a high percentage of properties are not bought with a buy to let mortgage,just a normal one.
General Discussion / Re: Share transfer properties
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on November 21, 2017, 09:13:29 PM »
Following the earlier comments posted two weeks ago on this thread, the States yesterday published a Freedom of Information response which asked for the number of "share transfer residential apartments that have been purchased by non-residents or trusts, companies or any other non-Jersey entity as investments". Read it here:

To be honest, it raises just as many questions as it answers. It shows approximately a dozen or less transactions each year since 2010, with a high of 22 transactions in 2012. That seems a bit low. By comparison, the figures I quoted in my post of 3rd November showed hundreds of transactions per year "relating to the sale of share transfer properties". Maybe a lot of these transactions from my own quoted sources related to the registration of security interests? Plus they presumably included all transactions, whether made by Jersey residents or not.

Moreover, this week's response is an updated version of a response published in December 2015, quoting the same figures. In that original response, question B asked for share transfer transactions made by "companies, trusts, investors" but the response said that the Treasury and Resources Department did not hold the information as requested. In the new request, the person has asked for purchases by "non-residents or trusts, companies or any other non-Jersey entity as investments" and the States has provided the same figures as in the first request, but updated to include the past 2 years, only this time it has not said that the Treasury doesn't hold the information - confusing. Perhaps that means that the number of transactions they have quoted each year can't differentiate between companies, trusts and other entities?

By the way, I think I searched past FOI responses when I did my original research 2 weeks ago but didn't spot the December 2015 response, probably because the headline title doesn't include the words "share transfer". Link to the 2015 response here:

To sum up, I think the current share transfer transaction statistics are not anywhere near detailed enough and there appears to be a lack of interest among States Members to demand clearer and more defined figures. It is up to the public to keep raising this issue if they think it is important enough. States Members don't regard it as a priority but they would soon change tack if they thought enough of us were concerned about it, particularly with an election just months away...
A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by shortport on November 21, 2017, 08:49:18 PM »
Its official,Noel's not standing.Thats one bit of good news,lets hope the rest of the Council of Ministers decide not to stand.
A Better Jersey / Robot fears how long before " i'll be back " becomes reality ?
« Last post by boatyboy on November 21, 2017, 03:12:19 PM »

Proff Steven Hawkin is concerned at the speed rhat Ai and robot advancements are developing. We all should be.

Are you sitting comfortably


How about now, when these robots think for themselves and may even be carrying weapons ?

General Discussion / Referendum
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on November 18, 2017, 03:47:56 PM »
Well as long as bailhache does not have anything to do with writing the question on the referendum then it should be a straight forward question.
Do you want the bailiff to be the speaker in the states?    yes/no.
Knowing bailhache he will try anything he can to word it so the answer is YES.
Just look at the last referendum that he put his fingers in. what a right cockup that was. It was worded so that the answer B would always win.
If the bailiff does lose his place in the chamber, will he have to take a pay cut or freeze his pay?  I mean the states are looking at all salaries to save money so it would only be right for him to get a lower wage or freeze it!
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