Author Topic: Ben Shenton says lets all states members be Ministers !  (Read 1539 times)

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Ben Shenton says lets all states members be Ministers !
« on: September 08, 2011, 05:39:07 PM »

Ben Shentons wants to move towards dictatorship in the States of Jersey.

Commons Culture, Media and Sport select committee are hunting the truth and it matters not how wealthy you are or the position you hold in relation to the recognised pyramids of social or  political power. The UK government has no illusions how important the part scrutiny plays in the checks and balances of Government.

Closer to home, this was also the view arrived at by  Sir Cecil Clothier, KCB, QC and his panel. The States cherry picked the parts they liked and left on the shelf  the parts they found unpalatable.

Fast forward to today and we have a Treasury Minister Senator Ozouf who is on record as saying he see's no need for scrutiny and now we have a surprising statement from Ben Shenton  in the JEP ( again not put on line for wider viewing ) saying he wants to overturn the Troy rule which states there must be ten percent more non-ministers than ministers.

If this were not so serious it would be truly hilarious but it is not funny at all. When a political heavy weight who is respected by many in and out of the States like Senator Shenton wants to stick a knife in democracy, one has to ask why ?

The idea is that according to Shenton,  the Government at this time is weak and by allowing unlimited number of  Ministers and assistant Ministers this system would create more co-operation and get more states members working.

You can imagine it now. Go on Paul, you are assistant minister for the airport, go sort out the bird statue that will keep you busy and away from the real decision making.

Two scenarios for us to consider, first as Shenton seriously suggests a States full of unlimited  Ministers and assistants Ministers all agreeing and enjoying the title and afraid to upset their boss and lose their position being cast out in the cold as Deputy John Le Fondre did when disagreeing with Phillip Ozouf. Who would dare vote against in the States as a minister, within the full glare of fellow ministers ? This would not be democracy this would be a dictatorship.

The other options are written below by Sir Cecil Clothier clearly far more knowledgeable in law and democratic rules of Government than a layman which is my position.

Maybe it is just as well that Ben Shenton is not standing,  had he championed and taken the States with him,  on the issue of an Ombudsman who had the full support of the States to hear complaints of maladministration like huge golden handshakes, overspends, States departments commissioning a never ending trail of expensive reports, or even incompetent in trying to purchase an office building, then he would  be serving the public not the shadows of self interet that occupy the States.

All Quotes are selective to see full  document please click on link below.

Observing how the Isle of Man Gov.and how it should work in Jersey he says.
Page 28.

“It is important in a small jurisdiction that the time and abilities of
Members are used to further the general well-being of the Island and
that structures are not created which either dissipate these assets or
create inappropriate institutional tension.

However, systematic and effective scrutiny of the Executive is a fundamental attribute of a
parliamentary democracy and must be adequately accommodated,
particularly in this jurisdiction which prides itself on its parliamentary

One approach may therefore be to reduce the number of

Members appointed to posts in the Isle of Man Government in order to
release members to provide enhanced scrutiny of government policy and

We think these observations to be appropriate to any parliamentary

Page 40.

We consider these arrangements to be quite unsatisfactory. We recommend
the institution of a proper Ombudsman to hear complaints of
maladministration by Government Departments. This would be a matter of
little difficulty and no great expense. The Ombudsman should be an
independent person and endowed with powers to order the production of
papers and files and to command the attendance of witnesses

Page 46

External Relations to be in the province of the Chief Minister

The Council of Ministers to be subject to careful scrutiny by the
balance of Members of the States

Clothier Report