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Public sector workforce 'out of control' says Ben Shenton
« on: September 01, 2011, 11:46:31 PM »
In the Clothier report scrutiny was the checks and balances and was the all important side of the system.

We already know Senator Ozouf is on record as saying he saw no need for scrutiny, and the CoM  tend to ignore completely their reports.

Bring on the elections, lets rock and Roll.


Public sector workforce 'out of control'

Jersey's public sector is massively overstaffed, and in these austere times, their wages are costing too much - according to the Chairman of the public accounts committee.

Senator Ben Shenton says a complete review of workers Terms and Conditions is needed if the government are ever to balance their books.

In less than a week, Jersey's Treasury Minister and Chief Executive will be face some tough questions in front of a hearing with the Public Accounts Committee.

Why does Jersey have such a large public sector workforce and what are they doing about cutting the numbers and costs?

The PAC chairman Senator Ben Shenton says it is a workforce that has grown out of control and a wage bill the tax payer can no longer afford to pick up.

He said: "There is actually no one looking at what government should be doing. What areas should we be in and we seem to be expanding the tentacles of government all the time at a significant cost.

"And people may ask why is my GST going up, why is my income tax allowance not going up by more, why am I paying more tax? Well part of the reason is because government is getting bigger and there's no real effort by anyone to actually bring it down."

For the last five months, Channel Television has been trying to establish who the 6,700 public sectors workers are, why the Chief Minister needs a work force of 220 or 225 at the Treasury - and the list goes on.

Until today nobody had been able to explain those numbers to us.

Despite numerous attempts even the Treasury Minister struggled to justify a public sector work force of almost seven thousand?

He said: "I think the most important thing to remember is that we are the biggest employers in the frontline service department - there are something like 2,000 people who work for Health and Social Services - nurses, doctors, Education, Sport and Culture I think their expenditure is about 80 per cent staff, so when you're providing services you will be employing lots of people and we are making progress to deliver savings

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