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Re: Health and Social Services Minister: Senator Ben Shenton
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And what about your icon SSS?

The parish council if he was lucky!

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Re: Health and Social Services Minister: Senator Ben Shenton
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Well who was invited to talk about the new Hospital this morning but ex health minister Ben Shenton, apparently Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf was listening and Ben Shenton if he is to be believed has nothing to lose, as he is as far as I am aware not standing in the election. Treasury Minister Ozouf's day took a dive for the worse.

If he is correct and I sat by the radio with my mouth almost open and my head shaking from side to side ( maybe early dementia to add to my other ailments ? ) He clearly said the STATES WILL NOT LET THE FINANCE CENTRE GO AHEAD. That SoJ Development Company are basically useless do nothing not even after all this time have they developed the old La Folley Pub.

Will Ozouf listen ? as he says wants to save money, so pay off SoJDC  and close it down, It is not doing what it says on the tin never did give us a world class waterfront.


PUBLISHED: September 6, 2014 6:00 pm

States departments must cut costs to cover £50 million deficit

Ex Senator Shenton pulled no punches about senior civil servants, the STATES have employed a whole new load of them he said, and they take no responsibilty and slow everything down.

What I do not agree with from the interview with Mr Shenton this morning as a professional banker is that his view that a Public / Private partnerships are a good idea. They are an unmitigated disaster. Rather like borrowing from " Wonga " get a quick fix now and then pay until you bleed. For proof just go online and look at some of the bone crushing interest rates of various hospitals in the UK, who are now bankrupt because of these deals, including Carlisle Hospital.

Of course the business money is guaranteed, the Government must and will pay, probably putting up taxes a crazy situation except for the lenders.

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Re: Health and Social Services Minister: Senator Ben Shenton
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Well!!!    That is some shot across ozouf's bows.
Never has anyone spoken so much truth about ozouf and his finance office dreams along with the people employed to bring us the world class water front that will we will never ever have.
If this was England a party politics then ozouf would have been removed from office.