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General Discussion / Re: States credit cards.
« Last post by Fritz on Yesterday at 12:56:35 AM »
Would he have paid it back if he wasn,t being investigated?
General Discussion / States credit cards.
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on August 22, 2017, 10:11:45 PM »
I wonder that the police are investigating a man in his 40's.   ozouf's name has been put around and he has said that he paid back £1000 on his card.
Still I just wonder if  it was his partner who used the card.
Room for thought.
The Bailiff / Re: The Bailiff of Jersey,
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on August 22, 2017, 10:07:06 PM »
Well, i am so outraged that i have sent an email to every states member.message. The bailiff is political and his brother before him!
They will not allow a question if it is bad for the coM's.    Turing off microphone Christmas message.!
THe two brothers are the establishment's power house and it shows all the time.
The bailiff has to go from the chamber!
Even our ex-bailiff coming to try and defend a.lewis now that tells you something, Must not let the can of worms out by keeping the truth about the Police Chief and his sacking  (that was a sacking ).  Making sure lewis do not say anything that he should ( the truth and pressure along with lies )
Hospitals / Re: Jersey General Hospital
« Last post by gladiator on August 22, 2017, 01:27:30 PM »
What a bunch of slimy w*****s.

Interestingly Senator Philip Ozouf sat next to Peter De Putron and MP Jeremy Hunt at the Tories’ Black and White Fundraising Party 5 February 2014 as per The Guardian and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. 


The table plan shows:

*Peter de Putron, an offshore financier who is brother-in-law of financial services minister Andrea Leadsom, was seated with health secretary Jeremy Hunt and Jersey’s Treasury minister, Philip Ouzouf.

None of the three men have confirmed their attendance, though Mr Hunt was photographed arriving at the event.

So there is a connection between them. With no doubt they have been lobbying their own interests on that occasion. Do the Jersey people want their hospital financed by somebody like the Guernsey banker Peter de Putron who won't make the best deal for Jersey ?

Jerry Gosselin wrote an important post previously about the Guernsey bank dynasty De Putron and its donation to the Tories. Baring in mind that the Channel islands are banned donating to British politicians.
Hospitals / Re: Jersey General Hospital
« Last post by gladiator on August 22, 2017, 01:08:28 PM »
sorry duplicate
The Bailiff / Re: The Bailiff of Jersey,
« Last post by boatyboy on August 22, 2017, 06:22:46 AM »

For foreign readers who may have money stashed in a stable well run offshore account in Jersey,  this may interest you from another incredibly well run and respected local Jersey blog who have received accolades from the English major news media and established reporters.


Anonymous21 August 2017 at 19:24

Well this gets weirder by the day, Now we have the current Bailiff William Bailache sending a letter to CM Ian Gorst (So NO political influence there then according to former Bailiff Philip Bailache, he who turns off elected members microphones)

What those out side of this Island might like to know is that the Bailiff has the power to 'decide' what questions an ELECTED member of the States can ask!!! so once again we can clearly see that the Bailiff has NO political power....why are you all laughing? Stop it right now or I will have a Supper Injunction slapped on you courtesy of Data Protection. Seriously this Monty Python nonsense has got to stop before this Island goes belly up.

Respect to VFC and all decent bloggers that share the truth.

The Bailiff / Re: The Bailiff of Jersey,
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on August 21, 2017, 06:21:14 PM »
Do not forget that this is the bailhache brothers who for years including being AG, Deputy Bailiff and Bailiff.
They are the power behind the establishment party!
It is obvious that all the ministers and assit ministers belong to the establishment party that rules Jersey.
Ever since the 1946 elections when the establishment member stood for election under the name ( just cannot remember the name right now )  once they were i9n the states they disbanded and secretly became the establishment party which they have always denied!
The time really has come to get rid of this party and have people who will govern for the whole island and not just the rich.
I am fed up with paying more and more taxes and the rich pay next to nothing on their earnings and interests from the bank and business.
Zero 10 must go!!  The banks will not leave!  Jersey is to good a place to keep their money and head offices in to pay no tax. They were willing to pay the tax but the states got the wind up that they might leave. Will let them go and our island will not be so over crowded.
No need such a large civil servants and fewer cars on the road etc.
Roll on MAY 2018!
The Bailiff / Re: The Bailiff of Jersey,
« Last post by boatyboy on August 21, 2017, 04:39:03 PM »
How do you send out signals of desperation to save your £330,000 a year wage packet, your title of first Citizen and that large expense account ?You write a letter to the Chief Minister  agreeing with your brother and ex Bailiff Phil. Bailhache ( whom did not want a child abuse enquiry and spoke against ) that the care enquiry are wrong and so is Napier et al. The rolls of chief judge and speaker in the house are politically neutral and should remain.

To every thinking politician, I would suggest Bailhache the bailiff, has just lost the debate ( that he should not be taking part in ) and for those in the assembly it is clear that the rolls should be split.

Bailiwick Express.

But, in a letter to Senator Ian Gorst and the Council of Ministers, excerpts of which are included in a proposition which is expected to be lodged by the Privileges and Procedures Committee later today, the Bailiff explains why he believes it would be a bad idea to split his job in two.

He describes the inquiry’s recommendation 7 as ‘illogical and unnecessary’. And concludes by writing: “I should be grateful for your assurance that you will not take the line that the Care Enquiry’s Recommendation 7 is a reason for supporting the proposition of Deputy Tadier, or indeed for re-visiting the issue of the Bailiff’s role generally.”

One of the committee’s members, Deputy Sam Mezec, says the Bailiff’s intervention is totally unwarranted and goes to underline why the role should be split. He claims it shows that despite the Bailiff claiming to be apolitical, he is playing an active role in politics.

Deputy Mézec says: “The Speaker of a Parliament is meant to be politically impartial and it is totally inappropriate for an unelected judge to attempt to influence how an elected Chief Minister argues for the implementation of his political policies. The Chief Minister is perfectly entitled to choose to act upon the recommendations of a £23m inquiry, and it is not the place of a Speaker to try to influence him one way or another.


Hospitals / Re: Jersey General Hospital
« Last post by shortport on August 10, 2017, 01:40:48 AM »
Don't worry they won't take any notice of our concerns.I'm sure a deal for the funding has already been agreed with the private investor.
It will probably end up being a hospital for wealthy English people to have VAT free operations in our 'world class' hospital.
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