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A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on Today at 09:44:07 AM »
I,m a single parent.(And have been for the past ten years).
No States department, Tax office or S.S, have ever informed me of any benefit I may be due.
Does this only apply to unemployed?

Rule No. 1: They never come to you to offer you money - you have to go to them!

No, it is an in-work benefit so you don't have to be unemployed.

Entitlement is based around the total value of components that your household would be entitled to receive minus your income. Here is an example that I have copied from page 38 of the Income Support Policy Guidelines 2016 (version 4.0):

Sarah and Andrew lived in a rented flat with their baby. They are entitled to
components for
Two adults
One child
Housing – rented two-bedroom flat.
The components add up to £539.53 (per week)
Their calculated income (weekly earnings, net of disregard) is £300 a week
They receive £539.53 - £300 Income Support benefit = £239.53 a week

They also take into account your savings / capital. A single adult aged under 65 can have £9,137 disregarded before it begins to affect their Income Support.

In working out your weekly employment earnings, they deduct your 6% Social Security contributions and then disregard 25% of the figure net of SS contributions to come to the net amount of earnings that is taken into account. This net amount (£300 per week in the example above) is then deducted from the total value of the components your household is entitled to receive (£539.53 per week in the example above).

If you are renting, the accommodation needs to be appropriate to your needs, e.g. a couple with no children renting a two-bedroom flat would presumably only receive the housing component up to the value of a one-bedroom flat unless there were valid medical reasons why they both needed to sleep separately.

The current maximum housing component for a one-bedroom flat in the private sector is £200.13 per week. If you are paying more than that then you would only receive £200.13 per week and would have to cover the excess yourself (but different situation if you rent from a social housing landlord like Andium).

The rates of Income Support are here:

There is an online calculator which you can complete and submit in order to get an idea of how much you may be entitled to:

As I have probably pointed out before on this website, Social Security's arbitrary policy of only paying a single person's housing component up to the value of a bedsit (whereas for nearly two decades before Income Support a single person could receive rebate for up to a one-bedroom flat) has probably played a major part in forcing more single people onto the streets and into temporary accommodation. This is because bedsits were (rightly) going out of fashion a decade ago and weren't being built any more - and certainly not by the States. Moreover, a lot of bedsits in the island are traditionally leased to those without quallies, hence those rents are higher. Now you are getting young locals having to compete with newcomers for a limited supply of over-priced bedsits because of this retrograde benefits policy, which has created a new demand for small, cramped accommodation that our parents and grandparents fought so hard to eliminate. It would also seem that a single person living in a one-bedroom flat and who is receiving the Housing component up to the value of a one bedroom flat (because they already occupied that one bedroom flat before the new rules were introduced) and who was then evicted from that accommodation because of a sanction would presumably no longer be entitled to receive that one bedroom component if some time later they wanted to try for another one bedroom flat after a period of homelessness or temporary accommodation. It would seem they would then be caught by the new rules and would only receive the subsidy up to the value of a bedsit. I am not certain on this because I don't know of any real cases but that is my belief of what would happen. Therefore a person who may have lived in one-bedroom accommodation for decades but suddenly falls on hard times, possibly because of the Breach 3 sanction, may face having to live in either temporary accommodation or bedsits for the rest of their lives, unless they can somehow qualify for social housing (but unlikely if they're single).

There is nobody in the States - least of all Reform Jersey - who have ever made an issue of this unfair treatment of single people on Income Support or campaigned to have this Income Support policy reversed. No Minister has ever been held to account. It's just a disgrace. Who on earth are these people supposed to vote for in May that might actually help them?
General Discussion / Re: New hospital
« Last post by Fritz on Yesterday at 10:52:08 PM »
I know exactly the episode you are talking about and got my information directly, "From the horse,s mouth", (Developer involved). I cannot prove, (And have no intention of trying to because it doesn,t really bother me), this as fact. Its just the way things happened and corruption in politics was common knowledge.
Difference then was that politicians were less corruptible because they were independently wealthy.
Nowadays, being on fixed salaries, "career politicians", are more vulnerable to external sources boosting their income.
General Discussion / Re: New hospital
« Last post by boatyboy on Yesterday at 05:41:02 PM »

Yes I spoke with a politician that knows all about the delivery of a new Mercedes years ago.

However the politician involved has long gone. Besides this story which appears very well known, needs proof from someone of standing employed by the States or a member of Government. Not going to happen is it ?

A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by boatyboy on Yesterday at 05:35:47 PM »

Good question Fritz - Jerry is more switched on regarding benefits and how social security work.

I personally know of a hard working Portugese married couple, both employed,paid all their taxes etc, who received child benefit for their daughter for years. This is going back a decade, it may be worth checking with social security but well worth doing some research in my opinion. I am pretty sure there exists a " child benefit " payable per child.

A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Fritz on Yesterday at 02:14:36 AM »
I,m a single parent.(And have been for the past ten years).
No States department, Tax office or S.S, have ever informed me of any benefit I may be due.
Does this only apply to unemployed?
A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on January 19, 2018, 03:59:47 PM »
When the new states members come in May, then they might just go back and take it away again. Anything to get votes.
General Discussion / Re: New hospital
« Last post by Fritz on January 19, 2018, 02:53:19 AM »
Quite a few of our previous leaders were bought for less than a couple of pints and an occasional lunch, (With the odd new car thrown in on certain lucrative projects by private developers). These were unpaid, already well off, hobby politicians who buzzed on their own egos. How corruptible are our current crop who rely, solely, on their position in government for income?
All the quiet ones come to mind.
How many paid States Members do we have now who do, or say, the square root of nothing but still draw a salary?
Old cliche, "Its the quiet ones you should be wary of".
General Discussion / Re: New hospital
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on January 18, 2018, 03:36:57 PM »
You have to understand that with a hospital at £336M will not have much to put into the back pocket but at £446M plenty to go into the back pocket.
Just watch TV on the Saudi Royal Family and all the bribes they get!
You cannot tell me that if you have so much crap thrown at you that you would carry on being a minister unless there is more in it than £44,500 per year.
How much will a Russian give to live and be based in Jersey?  They will have the ministers etc in their pocket in no time at all. We all know how they operate to get what they want.
General Discussion / Re: New hospital
« Last post by boatyboy on January 18, 2018, 05:35:25 AM »
Last week the preparation cost for the new hospital was reported at £17 million,

This week scrutiny were told the spend so far stands at £24 million and rising with one flat purchased.

Nothing built - nothing past by planning - hospital staff sworn to secrecy - a room of money to spend £466 million - trying to purchase hotels when a complete new site may be required to get through planning - The chief Minister hopes to get it passed before the elections in May.

" The Jersey Way "

A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on January 17, 2018, 11:39:28 PM »
The States surprisingly voted by 24 to 21 this afternoon to reinstate the single parent component of Income Support, which is welcome, but I don't think those claimants with children who have had to suffer harsh drops in their benefits over the past 2 years will get any comfort to know that many States Members who were happy to support Minister Pinel's cuts 2 years ago suddenly switched their votes today to support its reinstatement again in a classic case of flip-flopping.

Amongst those who voted to remove the component in 2015 but today voted to reinstate it again were:

Deputies Jeremy Macon, Kevin Lewis, Peter Mac and Terry MacDonald - all representing districts in St Saviour; plus Deputies Murray Norton, Tracy Vallois, Andrew Lewis and Carolyn Labey and Constable Len Norman (St Clement). This is not a comprehensive list though as I haven't had time.

Three Constables who failed to show for the original vote back in 2015 all voted to reinstate the component today (Crowcroft, Le Sueur-Rennard and Mezbourian).

It is this sort of inconsistency in policy which infuriates voters and has cost some of the neediest people in Jersey two years of extra financial pain and presumably they will not get that lost benefit backdated.  >:(

Get these hypocrites out!
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