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Yesterday afternoon at the co-op St.Peter a coastguard was doing his shopping and using the coastguard vehicle. Now the coastguard station is at Elizabeth harbour and what if they were needed?  They may have more than one vehicle but what about the fuel it is using going shopping and was this in work hours?
All these little things that go on in states departments add up a large bill.
In this case the vehicle should have stayed at the headquarters of the coastguards.
I suppose they will say in an emergency the coastguard can be called at home to over see the situation.
One other thing, they are taking away the fog horn from Corbiere Lighthouse. A lot of people use that signal when the fog comes down very quickly and i know what it is like.
YOu will tell me what about GPS, well not everybody has it and even then if thjat breaks down depending on the fault that a boat might have they are in the s**t.