Author Topic: TLS impeached for gross negligence and stupidity ,,,,,,,,,discuss pros and cons.  (Read 2192 times)

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Right then Sparty do we agree that this man is finished a total joke

What Are "High Crimes and Misdemeanors?"
Bribery, perjury, and treason are among the least ambiguous reasons meriting impeachment, but the ocean of wrongdoing encompassed by the Constitution's stipulation of "high crimes and misdemeanors" is vast. Abuse of power and serious misconduct in office fit this category, but one act that is definitely not grounds for impeachment is partisan discord. Several impeachment cases have confused political animosity with genuine crimes. Since Congress, the vortex of partisanship, is responsible for indicting, trying, and convicting public officials, it is necessary for the legislative branch to temporarily cast aside its factional nature and adopt a judicial role.

A vote of no Confidence on Terry le suer & Bill Ogley should go in next week

But who takes over, ozouf?

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"Then show me the list of the crimes that are mine
I will ask for the mercy you love to decline"

Charge 1

Charged with failing as the treasury minister to so arrange affairs so as not to lose € 15million by way of Forex fluctuation.
He will argue that the failure to fix the rate was not his , his civil service will argue they do not have the talent I would argue that both are incompetent.

I will leave others to add to the charge sheet, failing which I will add a few more.

judge dredd

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I could have guessed! - check out the film "concept"!
!dereggub si draobyek ym kniht I

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Impeach him for crimes against Joe Pascuale impersonators.

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one thing i was struck by the other day as i was telling some, french tourists wherethe post office is.
 was the fact that there is no bureau de change in the tourist office, i knew that they had visited as they had the usual map in hand.
and needed some pounds.
surely, it must be a good idea to capture euros to pay the incinerator when the rate, is favourable to us.
however iwould not want to see four cashiers, twiddling their thumbs waiting for tourists.
 i am beginning to think we will never see open goverment, or accountability, at least untill the british goverment step in as in the turks.
 srangely , on bbc £ of 4 last night was a docu/ drama about the british mp expences scandal.
 and decided that the british goverment(some), looked down , on their electorate in the same way that some in the states look down on us.