Author Topic: Child abuse in the Channel Islands  (Read 204608 times)

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Re: Child abuse in the Channel Islands
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I find it a very difficult argument for two men convicted of trying to have sex with children then take to court adults trying to protect children.

What would happen in Jersey, would it be a secret trial ? Jerseys' known for staging such events against people the elite don't like.

Would the Jersey judiciary take the same view as the UK Judge.

Would Jerseys' data protection puppet, argue that because the adults trying to protect minors factually lied on-line, their evidence should not be deemed admissible in court ?


Legal teams acting for two men who were caught by the organisation Dark Justice allegedly attempting to sexually abuse minors had argued that the use of evidence gathered by such operations “diminished the integrity of the court process” and that the groups should be regulated.


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Re: Child abuse in the Channel Islands
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The care inquiry has been delayed.
Now we find out ministers are being trained by spin doctors to deal with the fallout.
How much interference did the COM have to delay the report so they can be brainwashed.
Seems like political interference to me.