Author Topic: Did Senator Philip Ozouf give the Tory party £1000 of his own money or yours ?  (Read 402 times)

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Did Senator Philip Ozouf give the Tory party £1000 of his own money or yours at a Tory Party fund raising event dinner  ?

When the Jersey Government have one of their own being investigated by the police for possibly “ using their States given expense card for personal spending there is another and interesting big spend that so far has possibly not be exposed or checked by the States committee (PPC)  that is supposed to uphold standards expected of the great and good that have been elected and trusted with access to the public purse.

Maybe the police are investigating.

If a states committee decides to sponsor  a charity, a rugby team or in fact anything it will be a committee or ministerial democratic decision using public money.

Should a politician decide to make a donation to any political party or preferred charity, there should be no problem if that comes from the pocket of the politician and not the taxpayer who may have different political preferences.
So who paid the one thousand pounds for Senator Ozouf to attend a fund raiser for the Conservative Party ?

The table plan shows:

Seats with senior Tories came at a cost: “premier” tickets were charged at £1,000 compared with £450 for an ordinary ticket.
*Peter de Putron, an offshore financier who is brother-in-law of financial services minister Andrea Leadsom, was seated with health secretary Jeremy Hunt and Jersey’s
Treasury minister, Philip Ozouf.
[ Spelling correction by myself ]

This certainly should have been picked up by Jersey’s media who are supposed to ask questions on behalf of the residents of Jersey and how their tax pound is spent.

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Maybe its been paid back?
I dont know.
 But I do know that it has been decided that there is not enough evidence to proceed with prosecution of the un-named person suspected of using public expenses illegally.

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Jersey’s media who are supposed to ask questions on behalf of the residents of Jersey and how their tax pound is spent.
nonsense,you should know by now that the purpose of all Jersey media is to tell everyone that finance is the best and only thing in the world

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Was this the credit card investigation?

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Well done Tosh above so as expected the transparent whiter than white FOI requests tells very little but who would have paid for Senator Ozouf and why ?:

 " Senator Ozouf’s attendance was paid for by a private individual - please see 'B' above. The cost of the dinner was £300 which was paid for by the individual."

A couple of comments, first the tickets prices were set at an level to fund the conservative party that was the major aim of the staged event. The organisers say the tickets were priced at £1,000 each.

Where did £300 come from ?

Further more, it is good news that the tax payer did not stump up for the fundraisers attendance " apparently " but why pay for a ticket on the airplane to get to a fund raiser ?

There again with the health minister Andrew Green signing of over nine million for unamed consultants and another seven million pounds on a crazy hospital costs for a  plan that is not even up to speed and published or showing a decent business structure, the states waste of money continues unabated.


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How can Philip Ozouf, a politician being the treasury minister at the time secure a ticket to a Conservative fundraiser purchased on his behalf ( so it is published in a FOI request ) for a mere £300 when the cost to everyone else that purchases a ticket has to pay between £450 to £1000 to sit with a UK politician ?  The seating plan shows that Senator Ozouf sat with Jeremy Hunt and Peter De Putron the rich investor who lives in Guernsey. Did Peter De Putron purchase the ticket for Ozouf to get access Jersey's treasury minister to become a player in order to fund the new hospital, with Philip Ozouf acting as fixer to the council of ministers of Jersey ?

Everyone including the UK government knows that the disgraced PPI system ( now rebranded PPP to try and remove the stigma ) is a bad deal when money can be borrowed cheaply from a bank or better still use the rainy day ( strategic reserve ). Only a fool would pay to borrow their own money from a bank.

Something does not smell right yet again coming from the freedom of information request and ministers.

Bailiwick Express

Tuesday 06 June 2017

Pictured: Andrea Leadsom MP, Minister for Energy, who is the sister-in-law of Peter De Putron. (Source: Stefan Rousseau/PA)
It’s not the first time Mr De Putron, who is married to Mrs Leadsom’s sister, Hayley, has been linked to the Island’s government.
In 2014, a leaked table plan showed Mr De Putron seated with Jersey’s former Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf and UK Health Minister Jeremy Hunt at the Conservative Black and White Ball.

Questioned by Express following a Scrutiny Panel hearing in which he was grilled over the hospital financing U-turn, Chief Minister Ian Gorst claimed that Senator Ozouf had not been present at meetings on the subject, but said that he was “not prepared to say” whether Peter De Putron had.
“I had meetings with Treasury on Friday, not with Senator Ozouf. There’s lots of misinformation about these issues and some meetings in private that I’m not prepared to talk about,” Senator Gorst commented.

Quotes are selective please read full article:

Leadsom’s rise to the top has been steady. She was the managing director of De Putron Fund Management in the 1990s, according to Who’s Who.
Oil and Gas Interests
She was, more recently, head of corporate governance and senior investment officer at Invesco Perpetual, one of Britain’s largest retail fund managers.


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