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Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf wrote
« on: July 08, 2011, 10:26:33 PM »

This will surprise you, then again probably  not, an important part of the population - tax- wealth debate article  has not been put on line by the  JEP. I have shortened and typed it out below using the exact words printed.

So for all the world readers who may be wealthy including  Libyans, Russians, Syrians or in fact any very well heeled muti -millionaire, please come to little Jersey as we need you, actually we need your money.

Jersey has some lovely brand new iconic houses at Portlet on the coast with wonderful sea views. However if you are an apartment lock up and go type person,  then coming up for sale shortly are some excellent penthouses overlooking the Elizabeth Marina. They are too expensive for local people but would serve as a wonderful base for a well heeled, upper class individual or family.

Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf wrote in the local paper.

Jersey needs to work harder to attract more super rich immigrants to the island. Senator ( also Minister) Ozouf has proposed changes to the rules governing tax for the new 1(1)k residents which would drop their jersey tax rate from 20% to 1%.

Under the proposed changes the super rich would still pay £125,000 a year but local and world wide income would be charged at 1%.

There are currently 123 1(1)k  residents in Jersey who contribute  £13.5 million and are worth  £50 million to the islands economy each year.


They forgot to mention the 17 1(1)ks  who pay less than £5,000 pounds per year in tax.

This amount  of £50 million has also shrunk  From the £70 million quoted in a confidential report written about a few days ago in the JEP ( see heading ). This does not add much confidence when the Government loses £20 million in 3 days ? 

From the 5th July 2011


The  27 blog posters have some excellent points this one appealed.

Pip Clement

Posted July 6, 2011 at 1:43 pm

“Roughly 120 individuals contribute something like 20-25% of the whole islands yearly tax!” Really?

Where do you get this number from?

The island raises and spends around the £500m mark and they pay about £13.5m between the lot of them in direct tax.
Allow a few million for GST, income tax on employees, social security and I reckon £20m tops.

As for local employment I know one 1(1)K whose house was refitted throughout by white van men from all over Europe.
Mosaic and marble floors, wood panelling, etc, not much local tax paid there by cri!
States figures and projects are regarded with deep suspicion by many islanders, mainly because they have often turned out to be complete tosh or utter lemons in the past.

To give one example, the Aquasplash facility was supposed to be privately run and free of subsidies, sadly we are now pumping almost £500K a year in to it.

Well said Pip.

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Re: Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf wrote
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the 17 un named should shape up or ship out,
 they may as well  come and eat the food from my table and have a go on my wife , ( like thats going to happen)

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Re: Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf wrote
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I still cannot see why begging folk to come here and pay, say £100k tax, and taking up the space that could be made available to house 50 people paying, say £2k tax, (Or more?), makes sense.

The one person eats three meals per day, (In or out), and pays accordingly.
The fifty people, EACH, eat three meals per day, (in or out), and pay accordingly.

For meals, substitute any other requirement that has to be paid for.

Who actually puts more into the local economy?

And who, exactly, benefits from begging these folk to come here, (Apart from the department set up to attract/beg them)?

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Re: Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf wrote
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Ozouf has more neck than giraffe!  The establishment really do like to look after their own. So what one may ask is "What is he getting out of it?"
Some nice friends to be able to party with once he gets kicked out of the States ( hopefully ) but he can do a lot more damaged in the next 3 years that he is in the States. What or how far will he go if he makes CM?
So pleased that the lose of 2 senators is going ahead. I stated that the establishment party realised that they would be loosing power with 2 senators gone and in the next elections 2 more. The establishment can get into the States easier by being a Senator than a deputy. Simply because Islanders will vote for new member as senators before voting for a standing deputy in the main. Yes most senators go in as a deputy first because the business man puts him or her in within the district that they stand in, once in they then stand for senator with the Island establishment behind them.
What it needs is for every person that can vote to only vote for  the non establishment person. We have to have members who want to look after the Island and it's people in a good way not only for the rich.

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Re: Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf wrote
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He has some cheek, speaking as if he is the voice of the people, or some kind of monarch come dictator.  Despite only being a representative of the ~1% of the population which voted for him!

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Re: Treasury Minister Phillip Ozouf wrote
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There are a couple of skills that Senator Ozouf has that I admire. Firstly he has drive and enthusiasm, he is also an excellent speaker and could sell onions to the French or sand to the Arabs. His communication skills of course are well known. In email exchanges over his signing of a £100,000 cheque we had an open and frank useful discussion by email.

As I believe all  " personal " emails that are not cc to the media to be confidential unless permission is given by the recipient to be released, I have asked him if he minds me publishing his emails, and I have also asked him ( several weeks ago ) for the minutes of a meeting at the SoJdevelopment Company ltd regarding the discussion on giving £100,000 to a fund to repair the old West Park pool. I have received no answer unlike the pool that is full of water and green sea lettuce, our communication has dried up and he does not want you reader to see what he wrote. Why would that be, the questions I asked were far from complicated.

You see, the fact that one may be an excellent orator and full of energy does not necessarily mean that fact is truthfully presented. Maybe this is why I have not received permission or indeed a reply to my request. No doubt Senator Ozouf will be seeking my and your vote, in which case I really want to publish our email correspondence.

Over to you Sir.

From the Bailiwick Express

A move to sack the Treasury Minister over the sudden £95 million hole in States finances and the emergency plans to fill it has been made with just over a month to go before the election.

The move, led by Reform Jersey members, focuses on the new deficit in public finances over the next three years that was revealed at the start of the summer – and questions whether plans to fill it by cutting spending and raiding utilities and separate funds are legal.

Politicians are very unlikely to vote Senator Ozouf out of his job, especially so close to polling day on 15th October, but the move is more likely intended to gather a few headlines as the campaign season begins in earnest. It will be debated in a special sitting next Tuesday.

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