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Just one of those things , just one of those crazy things
« on: July 03, 2009, 04:19:04 PM »
Flip ! After only 200 days in the job, you had recognised that something was rotten in the State of Denmark , er , I mean the Treasury , you had the genius to come to the conclusion independently of the Report prepared by Chris Swinson (Yes your face does look big in that beard) Who has suggested that various departments have been sparing with the truth in their applications for annual budget .Furthermore , by virtue of your own inestimable intellect you have reached the conclusion that the Treasury was being operated by a bunch of light weights who were pretty much incapable of doing anything other than banking cheques (About as low a level as you can get in the banking sector).Big Chris has also ripped into them , I must say a little too late for my liking, he has been in the job a hell of a long time and should have been much more forthright in the past , but I guess it is all a little too easy when the money is pouring in, to have to try to rationalise  what must be a total buggers muddle of cross dept. financial data.(Why is all data not centralised to somewhere like the ,,,Treasury?,,,,ah , I can see the problem)
Now the Ex Leader of treasury , our current chief minister , was/ is a Chartered Accountant.Yet you Flip out of the kindness of your heart , refuse to lay any blame at his door for this shambles? Now I know it is not nice to disrespect your immediate boss , but you are forgetting one thing , Your immediate boss is me and all the people who vote in Jersey and you had better look after our interests rather than suck up to TLS. You are going to look pretty stupid , if you keep on insisting that its "just one of those things" and no one is to blame for anything.
And another thing , the deadline for Harcourt passed and yet further time has been given in order to avoid contentious litigation from Harcourt ? Is that what you are telling us? You are scared to upset this company?
If this was a Jersey company and had failed to come up with a bond it would be out on it,s ear and any attempts at securing compensation would be laughed out of court.
Bin Harcourt now , and if WEB has to fail so be it , It was only another quango of jobs for the boys and since it has limited liability it can be allowed to fall on its sword.
The very fact that there is only one person bidding for this project stinks to high heaven and if there really was only one person who came forward to take this on , well that should tell everyone connected that you and your proposal are in serious trouble.
As I said before , Bin Harcourt, put the "Financial Quarter" on to the back burner for several years before "just one of those things " becomes "one of those crazy things"
Congratulations to Mr Swinson , let us hope he can keep going on this and impress upon the people working for the public , that it is OUR FREAKIN MONEY!

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Re: Just one of those things , just one of those crazy things
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2009, 05:26:08 PM »
Big Chris is quite a nice guy for a freener. I assume that his role has been on the collective to see where the potholes are in the road. The knobs have obviously tried to blindfold him and have'nt had the wit or charm to tell him that parts of the road are missing and that indeed there is not even a speck of stratosphere underneath it.

So, Spartan, I ask you, what would you do under these precarious and dishonest circumstances? Jump into the road blindfolded whether there was a pothole or not?

No I don't think so either, because you are a cunning little devil aren't you? Nope, Sparty, you would plumb for the "trust absolutely no-one, except for yourself" mantra,"check it all out properly and have the evidence to back up for the forthcoming fan-hitting mire". All a la Swineson.

My reckoning is that Big Chris will have a long term strategy, knowing that if he highlighted any crap harking back to Davros's darker days in the Chancellory, the he would have been steered away quietly, probably with a blindfold. He will know that he will have to keep the best and tastiest morsels till last, armed with a litany of ineptitude and fiddles, ignominy, indolence, ignorance and self-indulgence which are the warp and weft of the tapestry of the SOJ "way of life". Big Chris, and beleive me cocker, will take no sh!t from any quarter, level or platform.

My old ma used to say that "a little sugar goes a long way", my Pa used to tell me, touching the fingers of his left hand, "check, check,check, check and check again" and the right hand, "never, ever, take no for an answer". "That my boy is what your hands are for". No doubt you will observe that he was blessed with seven fingers on his right hand, but casting that aside, I think that Big Chris must have met him at some stage because all of this makes perfect sense to me.
!dereggub si draobyek ym kniht I