Author Topic: Esplanade Quarter Masterplan to be approved by outgoing members  (Read 3130 times)

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Esplanade Quarter Masterplan to be approved by outgoing members
« on: October 19, 2008, 01:39:25 AM »
Anyone else get the feeling that the Esplanade Quarter Masterplan is being rushed through before a load of deputies lose their seats?

Esplanade Quarter Masterplan, St. Helier: development agreement – approval by the States.
Lodged: 3rd July 2008.
Senator J.L. Perchard.

Frankly, I find it obscene that the house continues to sit and take the most monumentous decisions, whilst the closest thing we have to a general election is still in progress.

Mike Vibert will be voting. His term of office officially expires when the new Senators are sworn in (early Dec isn't it, before they choose Chief Minister?)

Gerard Baudains will be voting. He's retiring as a deputy after losing the St Clement Constable election.

Frank Walker will be voting. He's retiring

Wendy Kinnard will be voting. She's retiring

Guy de Faye will be voting. It'll be a miracle if he keeps his seat.

Other deputies are sure to lose their seats.

Sean Power or Sarah Ferguson - if you are reading - is there any chance that you can bring a late amendment, in the interests of good government, to defer item P.111/2008 until December when a "new" (or mostly new) house will be sitting? Of course, you would have to get the Bailiff to agree the amendment...

If you could miraculously bring an amendment, all deputies would be closely watched as to their stance. If they support the amendment, they are seen to be on the side of good government, deferring such a momentous decision to a new house with a proper democratic mandate. If they oppose the amendment, they are seen to be "getting the job done" before a vital election, and they will be answerable at the ballot box a few weeks later.

It is obscene that those voting in favour of this proposition in October are highly likely - in some cases certain - not to be around to be held responsible.

I would not raise the issue if these people were debating something trivial like dog licences. It's the Esplanade Quarter though. £300million plus (of some bankers money, in the first instance), plus years of disruption. Surely, the credit crunch has changed the rules of the game with regard to this whole development?

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Re: Esplanade Quarter Masterplan to be approved by outgoing members
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2008, 08:05:16 AM »
Whatever the situation with the elections, now is not the time to commit to building a large financial centre.

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Re: Esplanade Quarter Masterplan to be approved by outgoing members
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2008, 10:42:19 AM »

Well done to Pomme de terre for putting the spotlight on this important subject.

Sarah Ferguson has I believe stated that all expensive large projects should be put on hold. Now is a good time to phone your deputy / Senator and let your view be known. It costs 5p and takes two minutes.

I also agree with Pomme, Jersey should be saving its money, and being prudent possible to the extreme for the next couple of years.Jersey has not felt the full force of the financial meltdown as yet, so we should avoid all capital projects that will drain reserves. Passing the esplanade quarter is just a way to put the plan ahead of other possible more urgent projects.

Its been passed so we must carry on. Forget it big house.!


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Re: Esplanade Quarter Masterplan to be approved by outgoing members
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2014, 09:57:51 PM »
So losing the RBC tenancy is good news according to Ozouf. :o
"It shows that it was a fair competition".
What it really shows is that ,"Professionals", are better than, "Amateurs", when it comes to property development.(Or any other business for that matter).
How many more ,"Happy", moments can we expect on this mis-guided idiot,s watch?
The trouble with the states trying to compete, out of their league, is that they stand to lose nothing personally.
Private developers take risks with their own money, and stand to lose their shirts if they get it wrong, whereas the enthusiastic amateurs can just increase GST or whatever to fund their next folly. >:(

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Re: Esplanade Quarter Masterplan to be approved by outgoing members
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2014, 10:11:54 PM »
Very true Fritz.Ozouf has cost taxpayers millions with his grandiose cockups.
Only he could say this is good news.Just wait,the next headlines will be that Ozouf has signed up some dodgy Nigerian bank to be tenant who will then proceed to run circles around our group of clowns who are way out of their depths.If a dodgy film producer with a previous conviction for fraud can con £200 grand out of the states with no comeback,imagine what could go on down there,lowering the bar to allow any bank to  set up here could prove disasterous.But heh,anything to get a tenant in rather than admit its a failure.
Ozouf really must go and I sincerely hope everybody makes a concerted effort to keep him out of government come next elections.

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Re: Esplanade Quarter Masterplan to be approved by outgoing members
« Reply #5 on: April 14, 2014, 01:12:51 AM »
Time for Ozouf to do a distractor. We've had the silly le and la street name changes, the New Jersey holiday visitors. How can this man still be in the States ?
He said he wouldn't increase GST then did it. He told the States his 6 Esplanade rubic cubes wouldn't soft the tax payer a penny. Now he admits he's spent £4 million so far. In the meantime Irish developers Harcourt are still suing the States ( JDC ) for £6.9 million after being dropped as preferred developers for the Esplanade Quarter. Also remember Ozouf, as Treasury Minister is the sole shareholder of the Jersey Development Co ( ? )
In the past Ozouf has been repeatedly asked by Dep Le Fondre if the States had been or would be required to give any form or security or guarantee in respect of loans taken out by the Jerset Development Company. Ozouf has always said "no"  Then last week he admitted when asked again that a letter of comfort for £10 million may be required for building the underground car park. That is in addition to the £13. million repayable loan from the States currency fund. As an excuse he gave his usual useless spin answer and " his previous answers might not have been fully correct"
When you  read the last 3 letters of "Ozouf" backwards you get " fou" which is French for "idiot. Enough said...
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