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General Discussion / Re: abramovich
« Last post by boatyboy on Today at 05:59:49 PM »
In the UK press recently it reads that Brussels’ is not happy that the Crown dependencies are " tax compliant" under the latest lists of offshore centres produced. Partly because Jersey took centre stage where it was claimed that Appleby had a deposit of $250,000,000,000 from Apple Computers say's the Paradise Papers.

This new EU directive of investigation has been reinforced due to Brexit. Starting next March the EU is to research all Crown Dependencies on an annual basis looking into financial matters. The UK Treasury came to Jersey's defense but after the latest reported scandal ? The EU has become a lot keener.

The EU vowed to draw up a blacklist of tax havens following the revelations in the Panama Papers.

Ok so we have heard it all before, but has the States and it's local media got super sensitive to all those eyes in yonder hills bearing down on the Offshore Finance centre called Jersey. The reason for this note is that I read (a borrowed copy of the JEP)  a whole front page that in big letters reported that Russian Mr Abramovich worth more than a reported eight Billion ( pick your own currency ) has been granted permission to live in Jersey and become a resident, but will his 370ft super yacht fit into the marina ?

Why the local media is super sensitive since the news appeared in hard copy but not one word is scripted or has appeared in the on line versions. It looks as though yet again a phone call has been made, and as the internet is world wide ( how ya all doing over there in Russia and Brussels ? )  the media are bending to the requests to keep Jersey out if the world spotlight, especially with possibly knives being  sharpened by the powerful EU tax authorities. Let us also remember, Mum's and Dad's may be extremly wealthy but will be wary of a Government that has a history ( as now proved ) of corporate child abuse.

You would have thought that the insular Jersey Media would have learned by now, the internet is far more powerful than they are, so should come clean in their reporting which means putting all front page and relevant local stories of interest online even a shortened version.

UK Sun.

JERSEY'S ROM OK Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich given permission to live in Jersey as a ‘high-value resident’

General Discussion / Re: Reform and Constables
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on Today at 06:25:59 AM »
These Reform projets are coming thick and fast now as they aim for maximum airtime on BBC/ITV. You may not have realised it yet but in addition to today's debate on Constables, Tadier yesterday (Monday 15th) re-lodged his proposition that was heavily defeated a year ago to remove the British nationality requirement for Senators and Deputies. He is going to have to have to rely very heavily on the eastern European bloc vote following the announcement that the JEP are going to run a candidate against him in St Brelade.

So many of the statements he spews in this latest rehash proposition just come across like a stream of consciousness that bear little resemblance to reality. Here are some extracts. Please don't titter at the back as this guy is serious:

We live in a modern, globalised world and, increasingly, in a cosmopolitan and outward-looking Island. We teach our children that merit, ability, hard work and values are more important than what you look like, where you were born and whether you are rich or poor .

For me, community is more important than some dated sense of empire.  ::)

There should be as few barriers as possible to public office. There is already one sufficiently high bar: that of gaining the approval of the electorate. They should be the ones to choose who gets elected, irrespective of nationality.

Arguments will be made about what is done elsewhere, and whilst it is true that many countries have some kind of restriction of qualification – whether it be birth, citizenship, European nationality or Commonwealth Membership – others have none.
But I am not concerned about what others do. I am more concerned about what we do, and that what we do is right.
I ask members to support this proposition and to send a strong message out that we want a truly diverse Assembly – of the people, for the people – and that we are a modern, cosmopolitan and forward-thinking Island; not just in business, but in our political set-up too.

And it goes on ... and on .. and on...

Some brief comments:

Re 'community' - what community does he mean? The community where he regularly attends Parish Assemblies even though there is no evidence he actually pays rates or has ever lived there (i.e. St Helier); the one that you see him on telly representing all the time (St Brelade) or the one where he now finally admits he is actually living (St Clement). Presumably this means he'll now be interfering in the local politics of 3 different parishes. So much for unique communities!

Tadier talks about as few barriers as possible to public office but he has never opposed the current situation - thought to be unique in the western world - where candidates for our legislature have to make a public declaration (reported in the local newspaper) of whether they have ever been convicted at any time of a long list of criminal offences, overriding both international Data Protection principles and the Rehabilitation of Offenders legislation. If that doesn't put off people from some backgrounds from standing for office then I don't know what would. He also watched the Pitmans get automatically removed from the States 4 years ago due to completely outdated laws relating to the length of time before a Jersey bankruptcy is discharged and the disqualification from public office conditions yet he has not, to my knowledge, ever lobbied for those laws to be brought into line with the rest of Europe.

I also recall that I lobbied on this site for years to overturn the automatic ban on prisoners voting in elections - Tadier sat silent on that one in case it lost him any precious votes. What a principled reformist he is!
General Discussion / Re: abramovich
« Last post by Fritz on Today at 01:50:19 AM »
Does anyone honestly think that he is going to come and live here?
Whoever granted him his,"Quallies", should be sacked immediately.
This whole, "Come to Jersey if your rich", quango should be disbanded.
Mega-wealthy immigrants do practically nothing for the local quality of life.
One property that these so-called ,"High worth immigrants", requires takes up more room than 100 local families would.
General Discussion / Re: abramovich
« Last post by shortport on Today at 12:20:49 AM »
Have you been watching the McMafia drama on BBC1.Quit scary what we are potentially opening the door to.
General Discussion / Reform and Constables
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on Yesterday at 09:26:55 PM »
No way should any body become a Constable unless he/she lives in the Parish they wish to serve. Also they must be British Citizen.
This island of ours has already gone far to British than Jersey way of life.
If Reform do not lookout they will not get re-elected.
General Discussion / abramovich
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on Yesterday at 09:23:25 PM »
If they let Abramovich into Jersey they will not know what hit them.
Gangsters come to mind who bully governments into what they want, like dirty money going through the banks etc.
Next thing you know there will be loads of Russians in the island and not for our benefit!
A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on January 14, 2018, 10:46:46 PM »
The Christmas holidays are finally over this week for States Members and panic is now setting in as they realise they only have a handful of sessions left to get themselves on telly with new populist ideas that they've suddenly dreamt up before the Beeb and ITV pretend to become 'independent and impartial' for a month when the nominations of candidates take place.

Reform Jersey are, naturally, milking the system for what it's worth. They have lodged a breathtaking 16 questions for Tuesday's session, comprising 10 as written questions and a further 6 as oral questions. Furthermore, they are allowed to ask supplementaries to their own oral questions, which means the other 2 who didn't ask the question will quickly get up to ask more planned questions after the first question has been answered.

In effect, a minority political party is exploiting the fact that the questions system was designed with individual members in mind - not political parties. This would never be allowed at Westminster- you could not have a situation where a relatively small party such as the Liberal Democrats was able to get more questions asked every week than Labour, for example. Reform Jersey represents only 3 members out of 49 (less than 10%) but by pooling similar questions together and using their maximum allocation of questions every week, this small huddle of St Helier Deputies that you could fit into a public phone box is able to completely dominate question time. Anyone care to guess what proportion of the total question time is taken up by Reform questions this Tuesday? It has got to be at least 70% of the speaking time when you take into account the supplementaries, possibly a lot more. Such a bent system is clearly overdue for reform, but are Reform in favour of reforming it? I think we all know what the answer to that one is, don't we?  ;)

An awful lot is going on at the moment in political circles, so much, in fact, that I don't have time to mention a lot of it. However, this tweet by Reform Jersey caught my attention:

Yes, folks - the same 3 members who were urging us all to get rid of the Constables in the great 26% sham referendum are now advertising for their own Constables!  ;D It is almost beyond parody so it is hard for me to find suitable words to respond.

However, it is worth just analysing in a bit more detail why they might be doing this and what it tells us. First of all, Reform hijacked the St Helier Roads Committee elections last month. Without any prior public notice to let the parishioners of St Helier know what they were planning, they put forward several individuals as candidates for the Roads Committee. That led to the extraordinary situation which I reported previously on 22nd December (I'll leave you to read that post yourself). Clearly they had been having secret talks with Rogers and had reached agreement with him that he would stand under their banner.

However, they are now having to advertise, for heaven's sake, for members of the public who might be interested in standing for Constable under the Reform banner. So that tells us that they haven't been able to recruit anybody suitable through the private backroom hokey pokey that they used to secure Rogers. It obviously means that they can't find anyone suitable from amongst their own paying membership or they don't think that their own paying members have enough Establishment credentials to match the esteemed Rogers. An interesting query is whether they actually bothered to formally contact their own paying members and invite them to consider standing as a candidate for Constable before they placed this open advert aimed at anyone. I would very much like to know the answer to that but I have been unable to find anyone who will actually admit to being a member of the party. We should also take into consideration all those union members whose contributions are being creamed off by Reform. Were they contacted and asked if they wanted to stand for Constable?

Nothing good can possibly come of this for Reform. They are likely to further alienate whatever remaining long-time members they still have. Presuming they find another high-ranking Quango fatcat who is up to their high standards to run for Constable, everyone is going to know that this person presumably had no interest in Reform Jersey policies before replying to this advertisement. We are now beginning to see Reform for what it really is - a totally disingenuous organisation that stands for very little other than power at all costs.
General Discussion / Re: Heads must roll
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on January 11, 2018, 05:59:08 PM »
Why did they not think about building underground in the first place so that the building would not be so high?
Could have had car parking there.
Saw on TV the other night a hospital with one floor all operating theatres, 35 of them. The building looked really nice with curves, not just a box.
The elections cannot come quick enough!!!
General Discussion / Re: Heads must roll
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on January 11, 2018, 05:53:50 PM »
McLean said he had £70M still available for plans etc for the hospital.
£70M this is just crazy!    Really makes you wonder just how much is going into their back pocket.
General Discussion / Heads must roll
« Last post by Fritz on January 10, 2018, 01:19:50 AM »
Anyone involved in allowing the best part of £20,000,000 to be wasted on new hospital plans should be removed from whatever position they currently occupy at tax-payers expense.
Anyone with any common sense whatsoever recognised long ago that the scheme was totally wrong.
A New Hospital, (The clue is in the title), is best built on a new site whilst current facility remains fully functional.
Why did the Parish of St Helier sell the west mount quarry to a private developer for housing when it was ideal for the new hospital? Edge of town, easy access to Overdale and even crematorium.
It is absolutely crazy that plans to extend current site were explored beyond a five minute meeting, let alone throw best part of £20m of tax-payers money at a non-starter that costs at least double what a total new build would.
I am one angry taxpayer at the moment knowing that I am indirectly paying toward the salaries of the ****wits who let the situation get to this stage.
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