Author Topic: Deputy Tadier communicating with islanders.  (Read 1160 times)

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Deputy Tadier communicating with islanders.
« on: March 13, 2013, 03:45:37 PM »
Deputy Tadier releases the long awaited terms of reference [ ToR] regarding the investigation into decades of child abuse and failure of Government to protect vulnerable children. Has any other media except for the blog’s published this information ?

Deputy Tadier.

All most five years to the day that a rally was held in Jersey in support of Child Abuse victims, following revelations of widespread 'historic' abuse, spanning decades, the States Assembly (Jersey's Parliament) voted 43 votes to 0 to set up a Committee of Inquiry into the abuse on Wednesday 6th March.

Persistent Lobbying'

“The Terms of Reference for this Inquiry have been disputed from the day they were published.” said Deputy Montfort Tadier. 'In fact, in late 2010, we were told there was going to be no inquiry. But persistent lobbying by campaigners - abuse survivors - Bloggers and a small handful of politicians (past and present) - has ensured that the final TOR are fit for purpose. No aspect of child abuse in Jersey will be overlooked. It is a great victory for grass roots democracy.” (see below for TOR)

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Re: Deputy Tadier communicating with islanders.
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 i worked  with monty   many  years  ago.
 good  for him   and  sticking  to his  guns with  this.
   meanwhile we   hear  nothing  whatsoever from other elected folk .

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Re: Deputy Tadier communicating with islanders.
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I only hope that the people who will do the enquiry are not bought off.
The establishment  will try their best to make sure that the real truth will not come out on who and why the people were who have been covering it up for decade protecting certain people.