Author Topic: Bob Hill talking sense he needs supporting.  (Read 1502 times)

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Bob Hill talking sense he needs supporting.
« on: August 04, 2012, 04:43:48 AM »
I get accused of copying and pasting and guess what I really don't care. The internet is for communicating, which in simple terms means informing anyone interested of the real stories and  the real people that have concerns for our quality of life that can be shared here.

Clearly on a small island of around 45 square miles land is so very important. This is why I support Bob Hill in his efforts to recycle an old building on the same footprint. Is this not the way of the new world,  save what we have do not destroy it like Portlet, although the footprint was used the final result went completely over the top sucking in other areas .  Any States member that supports this ridiculous idea of building on a childrens open enjoyable and healthy green playing field needs kicking out at the next election due to being thick. Just rebuild the old school which is already connected to all the services and even from an economic standpoint, makes sense as it will still need to be demolished.

Yes it is that simple.

Bob Hill

It was also a case for not letting the truth get in the way of defending an entrenched position. No one is disputing the fact that the present school needs urgent attention but it was stretching it a bit when Senator Francis Le Gresley reported that when it rains it pours into the school and soaks the school books. One wonders why he has not reported the matter to the Education Minister. If the school is such a poor state one wonders why some Parishioners are so keen to take it over.

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Re: Bob Hill talking sense he needs supporting.
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it may be easier to build a new school on  the open area, as where would the kids go whilst the works are in progress? the field ( where there are car boot sales ) across the road would suffice for sports , jumpers for goal posts , as we did back in the day.
 if the roof is that bad what happened to maintanace of a public asset?
 loads of roofers around , so  why not fix it .
  i quite forget where the kids went when st peters  school was  built and the old refurbished.