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The Bailiff / Re: The Bailiff of Jersey,
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on Today at 06:21:14 PM »
Do not forget that this is the bailhache brothers who for years including being AG, Deputy Bailiff and Bailiff.
They are the power behind the establishment party!
It is obvious that all the ministers and assit ministers belong to the establishment party that rules Jersey.
Ever since the 1946 elections when the establishment member stood for election under the name ( just cannot remember the name right now )  once they were i9n the states they disbanded and secretly became the establishment party which they have always denied!
The time really has come to get rid of this party and have people who will govern for the whole island and not just the rich.
I am fed up with paying more and more taxes and the rich pay next to nothing on their earnings and interests from the bank and business.
Zero 10 must go!!  The banks will not leave!  Jersey is to good a place to keep their money and head offices in to pay no tax. They were willing to pay the tax but the states got the wind up that they might leave. Will let them go and our island will not be so over crowded.
No need such a large civil servants and fewer cars on the road etc.
Roll on MAY 2018!
The Bailiff / Re: The Bailiff of Jersey,
« Last post by boatyboy on Today at 04:39:03 PM »
How do you send out signals of desperation to save your £330,000 a year wage packet, your title of first Citizen and that large expense account ?You write a letter to the Chief Minister  agreeing with your brother and ex Bailiff Phil. Bailhache ( whom did not want a child abuse enquiry and spoke against ) that the care enquiry are wrong and so is Napier et al. The rolls of chief judge and speaker in the house are politically neutral and should remain.

To every thinking politician, I would suggest Bailhache the bailiff, has just lost the debate ( that he should not be taking part in ) and for those in the assembly it is clear that the rolls should be split.

Bailiwick Express.

But, in a letter to Senator Ian Gorst and the Council of Ministers, excerpts of which are included in a proposition which is expected to be lodged by the Privileges and Procedures Committee later today, the Bailiff explains why he believes it would be a bad idea to split his job in two.

He describes the inquiry’s recommendation 7 as ‘illogical and unnecessary’. And concludes by writing: “I should be grateful for your assurance that you will not take the line that the Care Enquiry’s Recommendation 7 is a reason for supporting the proposition of Deputy Tadier, or indeed for re-visiting the issue of the Bailiff’s role generally.”

One of the committee’s members, Deputy Sam Mezec, says the Bailiff’s intervention is totally unwarranted and goes to underline why the role should be split. He claims it shows that despite the Bailiff claiming to be apolitical, he is playing an active role in politics.

Deputy Mézec says: “The Speaker of a Parliament is meant to be politically impartial and it is totally inappropriate for an unelected judge to attempt to influence how an elected Chief Minister argues for the implementation of his political policies. The Chief Minister is perfectly entitled to choose to act upon the recommendations of a £23m inquiry, and it is not the place of a Speaker to try to influence him one way or another.


Hospitals / Re: Jersey General Hospital
« Last post by shortport on August 10, 2017, 01:40:48 AM »
Don't worry they won't take any notice of our concerns.I'm sure a deal for the funding has already been agreed with the private investor.
It will probably end up being a hospital for wealthy English people to have VAT free operations in our 'world class' hospital.
Employment / Re: Staff licences cut in immigration crackdown
« Last post by Fritz on August 09, 2017, 11:50:17 PM »
Latest announcements that licences are being revoked must be music to the ears of MLS, Grafters etc.
They can still import labour and hire out at whatever rate they want whilst paying minimal wages to non five-year staff.
Someone is in bed with someone and making a bloody fortune whilst immigration continues to rise.
Child Abuse Enquiry / Re: Child abuse in the Channel Islands
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on August 09, 2017, 04:03:30 PM »
I just wish lewis would come clean and tell all on how he was pressed in to sacking the chief of police. He must know that he is the patsy!
Why would he kept quiet on walker and co.  You have bailhache defending him and why did the committee not tell bailhache you shut up because this is not part of the enquire.
bailhache was there to make sure lewis kept his cool and not give anything away. lewis will learn in the future after the establishment forgets all about him.
gorst on a one way ticket and they will forget about him too. He is only the front man another patsy!  When will he learn.
So does the establishment party have something on these people that makes them not to tell the truth!
Hospitals / Re: Jersey General Hospital
« Last post by Chevalier Blanc on August 09, 2017, 03:54:04 PM »
So they want the public to have their say on the hospital. So when it all goes pear shaped on paying back the loan they will say that we the public agreed to what they had told us and we put our input into it, so we all take the blame!  Do not be fooled by saying what or how you want the hospital, it is their job to sort it out that is why they are states members.
Child Abuse Enquiry / Re: Child abuse in the Channel Islands
« Last post by boatyboy on August 08, 2017, 06:52:48 PM »
The Child Abuse Inquiry Report followers have had time to digest the completed report and have started putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. The strangest and most disturbing element of this enquiry is lack of effort on behalf of Francis Oldham and her panel to call important witnesses. The shying away from interaction with the public  through it's dismal and almost impossible to navigate WeB site holding statements and documents, which was supposed to be user friendly, but is a distaster by design ?

The strange carry on ( to me ) of having the same witness coming back several times but giving them a different name or number on different visits. Not being Salmon principles compliant.

The narrowness of the TORs.  The report should be commended for puttting the dirty washing out on the line, but does not hold to account those managers or other idiots that are enjoying big tax funded pensions with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Is there not an abuse while in public employment or office law in Jersey ?

The lack of proper support for witnesses  ( victims ) while the establishment civil servants had plenty, I have more thoughts but these are my general observations as a layman.

Polo and others on the other hand have taken a detailed look at all the goings on regarding the inquiry details and build up for some considerable time. He has written a blog on his reflections of Jersey's biggest ever inquiry and it is down to earth and very interesting:

Lewis - Minister

To put Lewis in context, he is a weak man who was catapulted into a ministerial position to do the bidding of the establishment and then hung out to dry when he started digging himself (and others) into a hole and wouldn't stop.

His major gaffe was to have allowed himself to be the fall guy in the suspension (effective sacking) of the Police Chief in a process that broke every rule in the book.

He subsequently repeatedly lied in an effort to redeem himself and scared the pants off the establishment who feared that he might thereby put their corrupt and clandestine hold over the polity of Jersey in jeopardy.


As far as I am concerned, Graham Power's suspension is a text book case of such interference. It is also a litmus test for such interference. That's why I make no apology for stressing it.

The Inquiry itself went on to record our disquiet at the manner in which the suspension was handled and in respect of some of the evidence given to us about it. We refer, in particular, to the following issues:


Person 737

To those who may wonder at my cheek in naming



All credit to Syvret, VFC, Rico,Polo, T. Pitman,M. Higgins and others who have reported and published details about JERSEY's Child ABUSE travesty as they see it, unlike the paid Jersey Media who historically have abused their readership and their positions by not researching the whole truth or being afraid to publish. The scrutiny review by Trevor Pitman and his panel confirms this sad view of Jersey's accredited Media with the odd exceptional article occasionally seeing the light of day.

Hospitals / Re: Jersey General Hospital
« Last post by Herrybraun on August 08, 2017, 05:47:33 PM »
Its really a great deal to find one best doctor that treat your pain with great cure and do his/her best for the patients sake.
Philip Ozouf / Re: Economic Development Minister: Senator Philip Ozouf
« Last post by shortport on August 04, 2017, 02:30:56 AM »
We will probably never know who it is and they won't be held accountable or punished.Same old shit.
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