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A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on Today at 07:19:35 AM »
It's not really a matter of whether I want to let them stay or not because in most cases there will be no credible alternative to them on the ballot paper anyway. The vast majority will just be re-elected by default - and all those Constables you mentioned will be re-elected unopposed.

Over the past decade the States have tampered with the existing system, merging the dates of the Senators, Deputies and Constables elections in order to try to give the impression that this is a general election with something important at stake. They want voters to believe that they actually have the power to change 'the government' so that turnout will improve. Well turnout has just got worse and no - we do not have the power to change the government on election day, nor would we have that power even if Mezec's hopeless reforms had sneaked into law.

This is because there are fundamental flaws with the traditional democratic process in Jersey which have persisted for hundreds of years. For example, the ballot paper for next year's Senators will no doubt feature a majority of the current Council of Ministers (unless some decide to retire up to a Quango). Yet all of them will stand as 'independents' and some will even try to distance themselves with ambiguous statements from the more unpopular government policies that they had a part in formulating and implementing. The voters always fall for this charade and start rating the candidates on their individual personalities and populist tendencies rather than on what policies they were collectively responsible for foisting on us. The manifestos of the different Ministers will not be the same. It will be impossible to reach any consensus on what horrors these Ministers might have in store for us next if they are re-elected.

So we just elect them on their personality traits and then we find out later (some months after the election) what new taxes or charges they intend to introduce, what ancient rights of ours they intend to abolish in some 10-minute unopposed States debate that won't have to be approved by the Privy Council, what new mega-Quangos they intend to set up and which States properties they intend to flog off to a luxury homes developer beginning with 'D'.

Mezec will be reading this and saying that the answer is party politics, but this has simply never caught on despite attempts going back hundreds of years. You cannot simply implant a modern, functioning party political system into a largely medieval tradition of representation where, for example, until as late as 1948, a group of directly-elected States Members - the Jurats - were also judges of fact and law in the Royal Court. :o The first attempts (that I know of) to remove the Jurats from the States came in the late 1700's. That gives you an idea of just how long it takes to achieve any real type of political reform in Jersey. Is it any wonder that so many registered electors simply don't have any faith in the political process to achieve meaningful change before they snuff it?

So you ask me who I would vote for from that list of nobodies. Well for starters, I won't be able to vote for 15 of them as they won't appear on my own district ballot paper. Of the 2 names that I could actually vote for, I would rather marry Christian May than vote for one of them and I would only be persuaded to vote for the other one if the alternative candidates on the ballot paper happened to be N. Farage, D. Trump and K. Jong-un.

Enough said.  >:(
A Better Jersey / The coming election
« Last post by boatyboy on Yesterday at 08:39:35 PM »
These politicians have made it known they want to stay in office and be elected next time to represent you again.

Will you let them stay by voting for them, or is it time to say adios ?

They are:

St John Constable Chris Taylor

St Mary Constable Juliette Gallichan

St Brelade Constable Steve Pallett

St Saviour Constable Sadie Rennard

Grouville Constable John Le Maistre

St Helier District 2 Deputy Sam Mézec

Grouville Deputy Carolyn Labey

St Helier District 1 Deputy Judy Martin

St Helier District 3/4 Deputy Richard Rondel

St Ouen Deputy Richard Renouf

St Helier District 3/4 Deputy Jackie Hilton

St Saviour District 1 Deputy Jeremy Maçon

St Mary Deputy David Johnson

St Brelade District 2 Deputy Graham Truscott

St Helier District 1 Deputy Russell Labey

Deputy Andrew Lewis

Planning Minister Steve Luce.

Jersey Development Company are having to extend their credit due to lack of tenants.

Yet they push ahead building more not needed office blocks against the advice of the Dear Freddie letter and decent states members who see the folly of Government competing in the developing of office blocks. Obviously there is an over supply if they are not being taken up.

The balance sheet of a development is not a wish list, the bottom line makes the project happen or not. Take for example “ Dandara’s “ very expensive development of  242 flats project in the old quarry next to peoples park. I personally know of a customer who is delighted with his £500,000 top floor flat that I visited.  The rest are not cheap either but appear to be selling well.

The point is that the JDC Esplanade sceptics appear to be correct. What must be mentioned is that Phillip Ozouf who encouraged States members to give a vote of confidence to Lee Henry and JDC with his “ it will not be built unless tenants want it “ it must be obvious that not enough want it. The evidence is that the first office block is only 70% tenanted and the JDC are asking for further loans as unlike an experienced developer they have got it wrong. They have already started building further blocks the second being only 50% rented. Complete financial madness supported by out of touch politicians using the public purse.

Where is Philip Ozouf ? why is he not being honest and upstanding and apologising for even more office blocks being built, but not fully signed up by paying tenants.  He has sold the States and Jersey a lie. He said there was no financial risk, he said that JDC were the only developer to be able to offer ( in the building of the  Jersey International Finance Centre ) grade “A” office space.

Nothing from Senator Ozouf on why the blocks are being constructed without being pre-let as he told the states. Where is the underground replacement car park where is the publics money going as Jersey residents face ever increasing demands for the money in their purses and wallets ?

Bailiwick Express

Packages of incentives have been offered to companies to encourage them to move into the facility, with JDC having spent more than three quarters of a million on moving into UBS’ former offices in a bid to secure a lease with the Swiss bank.

The Jersey Development Company has been given longer to pay off borrowing of £2.5million

Dear Freddie  ( don’t build the International Finance Centre it will be bad for Jersey )

Housing / Re: Are quango's helping Jersey or themselves ? What is their purpose ?
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on September 20, 2017, 09:19:34 PM »
Quango Watch:

BBC journalist lands cushy PR job with the States' newest Quango:

And the first of the new 2018 intake of government-approved journalists has also been announced this week - Anthony Lewis will take his place on the government benches next May. Welcome to the COM, Sir Anthony!
General Discussion / Re: Gas Works Site
« Last post by shortport on September 16, 2017, 05:40:08 PM »
 big developers being forced to make huge cash bungs to the States in return for getting Planning approval.
I'm sure something like this is the norm already,especially with one infamous developer we all know and loathe
General Discussion / Re: Gas Works Site
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on September 16, 2017, 09:06:46 AM »
Also don't forget that they purchased the Ann Street Brewery and Boiler House sites for a "non-disclosed" sum less than 2 months ago. This from the Bailiwick Express report of 1st August 2017:

The purchase was processed in the Royal Court last week, but, according to a spokesperson for Andium, the site value is not a matter of public record.

The spokesperson told Express that this is due to a side agreement between Andium and the vendor, meaning that the exact sum that changed hands has been deemed “commercially sensitive”.

So they are getting into the habit of keeping the costs of these purchases confidential.

Also let's not forget that Steve Luce originally approved a massive 285 homes on the Gas Works site in March 2015. The owners then reduced this to 253 the following year. Could you imagine how busy that tiny road would be if Luce's original approval of 285 homes had come to fruition?

That last minute condition added by Steve Pallett (for the developer to pay the sum of £860,000 towards car parking elsewhere in St Helier) is also puzzling me (some other conditions were also attached). I don't know enough about Planning permissions but how often has a developer been told to cough up such a huge amount in return for getting Planning permission? It also sounds fishy. We could speculate that it might have been added in order to make the return on investment much less attractive for the developer, thereby giving the green light for Andium to then approach the developer and make an offer to buy that might have seemed quite generous in the circumstances.

Would the developer still have been so keen to sell to Andium if Pallett hadn't added that requirement to pay £860,000 (and the other conditions)? The sale to Andium happened remarkably soon after Pallett's decision. It also raises the question of whether this will henceforth become the norm - big developers being forced to make huge cash bungs to the States in return for getting Planning approval. I wonder if this would be allowed to happen in the UK or anywhere else. You could argue that it is a kind of unofficial extra tax on developers - pay the tax or don't get your application approved.

General Discussion / Re: Gas Works Site
« Last post by shortport on September 15, 2017, 03:22:59 AM »
I am all for having less flats and a bigger park,but the fact is i don't trust our government.
Why is the taxpayer paying for land for 253 apartments and only getting 110?Doesn't sound like value for money to me.
General Discussion / Re: Gas Works Site
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on September 14, 2017, 08:05:01 AM »
Prikey made a statement in the House on Tuesday about Andium's purchase of the Gas Works site, which you can read here:

However, of greater interest to me is the report by Channel 103 (12th September) which quotes some of the less than enthusiastic remarks made by States Members in response to her statement. The comment attributed to Deputy John Le Fondré is particularly worth repeating here:

But Deputy John Le Fondré says he and his fellow politicians have been unwittingly bound to paying for a larger park.

“I wasn’t aware it was States policy to extend the Town Park,” he said.

“It sounds like we’ve been committed to extending the Town Park and committed to sums of money to do that, and we’ve now got a gun to our head if we don’t do that.”
General Discussion / Re: Gas Works Site
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on September 12, 2017, 06:56:19 AM »
Yes it's fishy but if any company in Jersey is going to get away scot-free with fishy then it's Andium. They are so fishy they should have a permanent stall in the Beresford Market. They have the highest possible political cover and it looks very much to me like Crowcroft and others in central government must have had this planned for quite some time because you can't just buy a major development site like that in the course of a few days or weeks and then immediately announce your own alternative plans to the public, particularly as it will apparently include a major public car park (but how the hell will we access it when the parish has restricted the flow of traffic so badly in that area of town?).

As for getting Planning permission - no problem at all, Sir (wink, wink!). They might as well just phone in their application (preferably from one of those JT phone boxes where you can call other 01534 numbers for free, thus freeing up some extra funds towards their next multi-million pound purchase). There is more chance of Donald Trump becoming one of the most universally-respected and successful US Presidents in history then there is of Andium's application being turned down at the Planning stage.  ;)

Actually Andium are covered by the Freedom of Information law as I made one of my past requests to them. I can't quite remember but I think I had to make the request direct to Andium rather than through the States FOI page. However, I wouldn't even bother if I were you - they'll obviously exempt anything to do with commercial secrecy. I would expect the usual backbench suspects to ask the usual blunt-edged questions at the next States sitting, but Prikey has a cast-iron excuse - Andium is not the States and so the Minister can't speak on behalf of Andium, etc. etc.  >:(

Interesting as to whether a FOI request direct to the Parish of St Helier might reveal any relevant correspondence that has passed between Crowcroft and Andium but I'm sorry to say I have become just too cynical of the way our government (and local government) runs. Quite frankly if there is anything that they don't want the public to see then they'll exempt it, simple as that. I will let some other person ask the questions about this because I am far too busy dealing with more important things.
General Discussion / Gas Works Site
« Last post by shortport on September 11, 2017, 02:51:38 AM »
Is it just me or does anyone else think the recent sale of the Jersey Gas Works site seem a bit fishy.The site had planning permission for 253 apartments yet Andium homes plan to build only 110.So I presume the site was valued at a price which reflected that fact and was purchased by Andium homes,using taxpayers money for an undisclosed sum.Surely that is bad value for the tax payer.Not only is there secrecy over the amount spent(and we will never know because quangos such as Andium don't come under freedom of information requests) but we don't know who the current owners are.The current owners of the site are  Brookfield Tunnell Street Holdings Ltd,but a quick search reveals the directors of this company are FIrst Names group as corporate directors so we don't know who the real owners are.For all we know the current owners could also sit on the board of Andium.Does anyone else think this secrecy all a bit fishy
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