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States Employment Board
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It appears my hunches were correct.

Who decides on the amount of money in pay and bonuses that people like SoJDC's Lee Henry ex treasury accountant receive, or the pay packets ( some feel are extortion ) for civil servants ?

What do the panel actually know about employment law ? have they ever actually run a stand alone business employing people ?


Hospital Bosses heavily criticised.

But the States Employment Board today issued a statement saying it flatly rejected the findings of the States Complaints Board – saying they do not intend to pay four years’ wages to Mr Alwitry by way of compensation.

States Accounts 2015

Chief Ministers departments costs increase 2015 − 26 per cent.

Treasury Ministers departments increase 2015 -  48 per cent.

Could it be that certain ministers are looking after their favourite bright eyed civil servant friends and allies ? Andrew Green is receiving a pension for being a top civil servant working ( now retired ) as head of catering for the Health and Social Security department. He now sits as the Health Minister, and also sits on the States employment Board which is in charge of pay and terms and conditions for his old department. Some may feel he is seriously conflicted.

Chairman: Senator Ian Joseph Gorst

Vice Chairman: Senator Andrew Kenneth Francis Green M.B.E.

Members: Senator Alan John Henry Maclean,

Connétable Juliette Gallichan,

Connétable Michel Philip Sydney Le Troquer,

More from an excellent article called; Spotlight on the States Employment Board from Tonymusings.


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