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Law Firm Carey Olsen
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:23:04 PM »
It is interesting that the Top Drawer highly Professional law firm Carey Olsen has just lost a court case.

In Carey Olsen's blurb found on their website the section  " about us "  says:

We also appreciate the importance of providing value through the effective delegation of work to lawyers of the right level in order to maintain cost efficiencies throughout.

It is not the fact that the case was lost, but the case was  lost in court against itself,  for charging twice for the same work and other unproved charges levied against the client  after a forensic check of it's client accounts. What does this say about Jersey's law firms if one of the most respected and high profile law firms carrys on in this manner ? Let us hope that the cost of the forensic work is also billed to Carey Olsen now that they have found to be guilty.

I think that Magistrate’s Court Greffier David Le Heuzé and his team, who conducted the auditing process,  certainly deserves praise for finding against one of Jerseys' most powerful and influential law firms.

One does wonder if  any of the accounts and audit bodies would have been as brave and open ? These accountancy firms
often work with lawyers.


Law firm’s £60,000 fees slashed by 80 per cent

In his judgment, Magistrate’s Court Greffier David Le Heuzé, who conducted the auditing process known as ‘taxation’ as part of his duties in the Petty Debts Court, said there were numerous instances where the firm had not presented evidence or file notes to justify the claim being made for work it had apparently carried out.

He also identified numerous claims that were ‘duplication of work already undertaken’.


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Re: Law Firm Carey Olsen
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2017, 04:17:31 AM »
It's so frustrating not being able to read the full news story and none of the other media seem to have covered it. Was it a criminal case in the Magistrate's Court? That would be unusual. Obviously we all know what they charge in civil cases, which means that a large proportion of the population can't afford a lawyer - and many probably can't get legal aid either.

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Re: Law Firm Carey Olsen
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Justice for the rich is now the "jersey way".It used to be called feudalism.Trial by ordeal anyone?