Author Topic: Jersey Telecoms line rentals to leap 42% and are being investigated.  (Read 2591 times)

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At the end of December the Jersey Telecom JT2500 tariff disappears and we shall be given Coreline.

We have no choice at all and cannot believe it.

As customers of 22 years we make few calls now but feel that we need a landline in case of an emergency. As the only provider, it seems that Jersey telecom can still make up it's own rules, as our landline rental will rise overnight by 42%.
If all of us complain loudly enough, will it make any difference?

By Helen and Martin Balston ( on planetjersey with their express permission )

Jersey Telecoms management, not used to having stiff competition from big players, do what all cowards do, pick on those that cannot defend themselves. They are using their monopoly with an established network ( paid for by us ) to fleece its trapped customers.

They are also acting illegally. They have given three months notice when their agreed contract with the Jersey Competition Regulation Authority is very clear in stating six months must be given.

Jersey Telecom, are not home and dry yet. Mr Graham Mallet from the JCRA, case officer for Jersey Telecom, is having a hard look at this morally corrupt company's show of greed. Let us hope he uses whatever powers he has to bring down the line rental increase to the inflation level.

How can employees be offered single figure wage settlements when a Government owned trading company Jersey telecom, try's to hit us all with a 42% line rental increase? ……………..Unbelievable.