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Crowcroft speaks out about spending.
« on: September 22, 2008, 08:11:31 PM »

States members face two long days
States members in Jersey are meeting again this week and they have more big decisions to make.

They spent today debating the spending plans put forward by the Transport and Technical Services Minister, Deputy Guy de Faye.

Deputy de Faye wanted the States to allocate an extra £1 million pounds to his budget, which would have funded recycling in the island and the department's sustainable transport strategy.

After a long debate, members agreed to back the proposals, but not everybody was in favour of Deputy De Faye's approach.

St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft said he believed ministers were failing to address spending issues responsibly.

"What States members are concerned about is that there doesn't seem to be the ability of ministers to meet together and find those savings from within their cash limits. Cash limits have gone out of the window and basically what the Council of Ministers is doing is coming back and asking for more money - that doesn't send out the right message to the public as a far as I'm concerned," he said.

The sitting will continue on Tuesday, when members will continue to discuss spending.

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Re: Crowcroft speaks out about spending.
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Any of you that were at the St Helier Assembly meeting to discuss the new disable toilet requirements, would have heard a very sensible man ( not me, don't be so foolish ) suggest that as Sand street car park was very central, was on main services why not take two parking spaces build the disabled loo's in there on the ground floor, a practical inexpensive clever solution.

After all when in need any reasonable facility will do, it does not have to be five star. The stairs in the Conway Street loo were the problem for those with walking and other difficulties.

The Constable was all for spending over £400,000 to buy the run down cafe building, and go big time - the rate payers were persuaded even though the finished build figure was missing, in the end worked out over a million. There should be rental income, again though is this Governments job ? Even so practical and cheaper were not on the menu that evening, for those sitting high on the bench.

Moving on, please have a swift glance at the post above, how prudent Simon Crowcroft used to be. No one can argue against recycling if done sensibly, Guy Du Faye heading TTS, funded it with a million pounds from the States central tax fund

Today heard Constable Crowcroft on BBC radio putting the view that recycling should be paid for as extra, out of our own pockets each and every one of us. So what on earth are our taxes used for ? To pay politicians and juicy expense accounts how about hundreds of thousands spent on luxury travel. 

Constable Crowcroft even supported fixing an old pool wall costing the St Helier rates payer £100,000 as if that was not enough,  to help ex States Member and friend Pierre Horsfall supported a £20,000 a year maintenance fund for five years. Now he fully supports the highly questionable Finance Quarter with its tens of millions of cost.

Mr Crowcroft is becoming a very expensive Constable for the residents of Jersey, let alone St Helier.

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Re: Crowcroft speaks out about spending.
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Think its time he took his own advice and ,"Got on his bike".

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Re: Crowcroft's holiday snaps
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2017, 08:20:37 PM »
Simon's on junket duty this week, as this States of Jersey re-tweet from yesterday shows:

Mallorca for the 'Small Island World Congress' (who dreams these things up?). Poor guy. I bet they had to drag him kicking and screaming onto the plane at Jersey Airport.

These are some of the tortures he has had to endure on our behalf:

I don't know if he's staying here but this is one of the hotels being used for this latest mass get together of island bureaucrats and movers and shakers:

It must feel weird for a Jersey resident to be on a holiday island which boasts large, high-quality hotels built in this millennium rather than the last one. And hotels by the sea too. How many of those do we have left in Jersey that aren't yet the subjects of Planning applications for either demolition or conversion into high-value homes?

The Congress speakers were all yawn-inducing bores (er, eyes to the left!):

And the Azores speaker wasn't much better:

Nothing very tempting to see here either:

Poor Simon is going to need a holiday to get over this er, holiday. He has my sympathies.

Presumably this has gone on the Public Accounts Committee expenses tab because Simon isn't a member of anything else (other than the Constables' Committee). The other politicians on this Committee are Deputy Andrew 'Powergate' Lewis (pictured below last month with Simon outside his new padded cell), Constable Christopher Taylor and "the Rt Hon. Member for Albert Square", Deputy Judy Martin.

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Re: Wickenden's holiday snaps
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2017, 07:13:18 AM »
Somehow I overlooked the fact that Deputy Scott Wickenden also attended that Mallorca Smart Island World Congress with Constable Crowcroft, as this tweet confirms:

Apparently, Jersey's Digital Policy Framework is a finalist in the Smart Island World Congress Awards.

Another tweet by Wicko (link below) seems to suggest that he will also be attending a separate event - the Smart City Expo - for the same reason (Jersey's Digital Policy Framework is a finalist in the Smart Island World Congress Awards). The Smart City Expo is being held in Barcelona on 14-16 November 2017. So if I understand this correctly, Jersey appears to be attending both the Islands and the City events and is a finalist at both awards:

Only last month it was revealed that Jersey's eGov project has already used 75% of its £9.9 million budget without any major changes to the way islanders interact with their government having yet been made:

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