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Goods news for the Minister of Education.
« on: October 01, 2011, 11:00:09 PM »
The excellent Mr Richard Rolfe the local headteacher of Le Rocquier School has won a national Institute of Directors Award.

Terrific news,  maybe its time for Mario Lundy an old care home manager, now boss of the education department to leave or retire, and invite Mr Rolf an inspired and trained educationalist to lead the education department, as long as his health allows him to do so.

The other proviso in the age of the publics demand for open and transparent Government is to run the education department in a open and honest way by publishing all figures of  exam results, costs and staffing levels.

This would indeed be a step into the light  from the present shady stance of  Mario Lundy, close advisor to Deputy Reed, regardless of whether deputy Reed is re-elected and kept as Minister.

Further information and questions about staffing levels at education.


Only around half the people employed by Education, Sport and Culture are teachers and I have heard no call for a reduction in their number, even though there are not enough children to fill all the schools. On the other hand, many are questioning whether all the non-teaching posts are necessary.

Minister Reed on staffing levels, in reply.

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