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Incinerator establishment and acceptance of tender
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THE STATES assembled on Wednesday
9th July 2008, at 09.30 a.m. under
the Presidency of
Mr. Michael Nelson de la Haye,
Greffier of the States.

Energy from Waste Facility establishment and acceptance of tender P.72/2008

THE STATES, having resumed consideration of a proposition of the Minister for Transport and Technical Services concerning the establishment and acceptance of tender of an Energy from Waste Facility (P.72/2008 lodged ‘au Greffe’ on 20th May 2008), adopted the proposition and agreed –
to refer to their Act dated 13th July 2005 in which they approved a new solid waste strategy and charged the then

Environment and Public Services Committee to investigate fully alternative and conventional technologies to provide the final disposal route for the residual waste remaining following the implementation of the systems and facilities; and to their Act dated 28th June 2006 in which they agreed that any such technologies for the final disposal route for the residual waste should be located at La Collette II Reclamation Site; and

(a) approved the preferred solution for the replacement of the Bellozanne incinerator of an Energy from Waste facility, as set out in sections 8 and 10.1 of the Report of the Transport and Technical Services Department dated 20th May 2008;

(b) authorised the Minister for Transport and Technical Services to accept the tender of the preferred bidder subject to the approval of the transfer from the Consolidated Fund of the necessary capital expenditure.

Members present voted as follows –

POUR: 30                          CONTRE: 21                      ABSTAIN: 2
Senator L. Norman      Senator S. Syvret                      Senator F.E. Cohen
Senator F.H. Walker      Connétable of St. Mary       Deputy of Grouville
Senator W. Kinnard      Connétable of St. Peter      
Senator T.A. Le Sueur      Connétable of St. Helier      
Senator P.F. Routier      Connétable of St. Martin      
Senator M.E. Vibert      Deputy R.C. Duhamel (S)      
Senator P.F.C. Ozouf      Deputy A. Breckon (S)      
Senator T.J. Le Main      Deputy of St. Martin      
Senator B.E. Shenton      Deputy G.C.L. Baudains (C)      
Senator J.L. Perchard      Deputy P.N. Troy (B)      
Connétable of St. Ouen      Deputy C.J. Scott Warren (S)      
Connétable of St. Clement      Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier (S)      
Connétable of Trinity      Deputy J.A. Martin (H)      
Connétable of St. Lawrence      Deputy G.P. Southern (H)      
Connétable of Grouville      Deputy of St. Peter      
Connétable of St. Brelade      Deputy P.V.F. Le Claire (H)      
Connétable of St. John      Deputy D.W. Mezbourian (L)      
Connétable of St. Saviour      Deputy S.S.P.A. Power (B)      
Deputy J.J. Huet (H)      Deputy S. Pitman (H)      
Deputy J.B. Fox (H)      Deputy K.C. Lewis (S)      
Deputy S.C. Ferguson (B)      Deputy I.J. Gorst (C)      
Deputy of St. Ouen            
Deputy P.J.D. Ryan (H)            
Deputy J.A. Hilton (H)            
Deputy G.W.J. de Faye (H)            
Deputy J.A.N. Le Fondré (L)            
Deputy of Trinity            
Deputy A.J.D. Maclean (H)            
Deputy of St. John            
Deputy of St. Mary            
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