Author Topic: The most wanted category of States Member is being eradicated by stealth  (Read 2035 times)

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Letter in today's Jersey Evening Post:

The most wanted category of States Member is being eradicated by stealth September 21, 2009 – 2:59 pm

From Deputy Daniel Wimberley.

YOUR report of the States debate on electoral reform (JEP, 11 September) was misleading in places. Allow me to correct the errors and add some comments if I may.

‘Jersey will have a general election in 2011 with all Senators, Constables and Deputies being elected on the same day’ says the first line of the report.

This is true only if every other aspect of our system stays the same as now, which is exactly what the ruling elite would like to see. And if the Assembly votes also for a common four-year term, which is superficially attractive just as is the ‘general election day’, this will lead to the death of the Island-wide mandate, as perhaps it was intended to do.

Thus the most wanted category of States Member will be done away with by stealth. However, readers may be pleased to learn that there are two further major proposals still to be debated.

The first proposal seeks to put to a referendum the issue of whether the Constables should have an automatic right to sit in the States or whether they should have to face an election to sit in the States.

The part the Constables play in the States is hugely problematical, and Islanders should be given a say. Many have little idea of exactly what they do (or don’t do) in the States.

The second proposal is the solution which is nearest to what Islanders actually have said they want – to have a States Assembly consisting of parish-based Deputies to provide local representation and Senators to provide Island-wide representation.

The errors I mentioned? First the report says that I talked about ‘a whiff of conspiracy’. I very rarely use this word; it is often a substitute for thinking, and it makes people think of some of the wild conspiracy theorists on the internet.

I do not remember anyone else using the word in the debate either. What I said was that the proposal for a single election day was a ‘Trojan horse’. It looks good on the outside, but what is inside is totally different.

Also attributed to me by your reporter was the phrase ‘make it harder for progressive newcomers to get into the States’. Again, someone else, not me, sorry.

Is this a conspiracy?

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Re: The most wanted category of States Member is being eradicated by stealth
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would not suprise me at all, ordinary working class in there?
leaning slightly to the left, token peasents , so we can look good to the outside world as a fair and even .