Author Topic: Jersey Freedom of Information Requests and Responses  (Read 15151 times)

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Re: Jersey Freedom of Information Requests and Responses
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Obviously Jerseys administration has a lot to hide and in these days, even a home computer is able to hold serious amounts of data wso this is just a just a brush off. These are exactly the questions that hold Government to account and the questions the council of ministers should be keen to have answered in order for the public to have confidence in Jerseys' leadership.

What leadership is the general consensus ?


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Re: Jersey Freedom of Information Requests and Responses
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Here's another published FOI response (link below) which has nothing at all to do with me but I thought I'd just point it out because it concerns the installation of those glaring new street lights, which I briefly mentioned off-topic last year:

Since I mentioned this last year, I have had the damn things installed right outside my own residence. I have to admit that my greatest fear - that they would vastly increase the amount of light pollution entering my property after dark - doesn't seem to have materialised. This seems to be because the design of the new lamps concentrates most of the light directly downwards and much less light, if any, escapes sideways or upwards, as happened with the old design. Consequently, I found that my residence was actually darker at night than before, even though the street lamp is located directly bordering the property, just a few metres away.

There might possibly be advantages to this from a light pollution/astronomy perspective, presuming that these lamps can actually be proven to achieve that. Nevertheless I am still concerned about possible side effects that may only become known over a longer period of time. For example, could this type of lighting have any detrimental effect on wildlife/birdlife that happens to be present in hedgerows located directly beneath the intense beam, just bordering the public pavement? Has any research been conducted about the possible effects on wildlife? Whilst it may be darker if you are located a small distance away from the beam, it must surely be brighter if you happen to be positioned directly beneath it.

Could these more intense street lamps possibly inhibit birds and other wildlife from breeding or disrupt their behaviour patterns in some other ways? I have no proof to call on and maybe they have no detrimental effect at all but I think it's worth asking the question nonetheless...

Two years on from my original comments above and it seems that those damn LED street lights are now infesting communities all over the world, from the USA, through Europe and even in China. This BBC News Magazine article (link below) just published today highlights two residents in Washington D.C. who both claim that their sleep is being disturbed by the intense and intrusive glare from the new street lights. Recalling my concerns in 2015 about the possible effects on wildlife, I found the last sentence in the quote below from the article particularly telling:

They point to a recent report by the American Medical Association (AMA), which warns that the blue light emitted by first generation high-intensity LEDs, used in many cities around the world including New York, can adversely affect circadian sleep rhythms, leading to reduced duration and quality of sleep, "impaired daytime functioning" and obesity.
The AMA report calls on cities to use the lowest-intensity LEDs possible and shade them better to reduce glare, which it warns can also harm wildlife.