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Re: States of Jersey Elections 15th October 2014
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Needless to say this photo was taken before the election result LOL...

Does anyone want to speculate where the government will place Rondel the Younger in 2018? Surely they wouldn't put him alongside his daddy and Christian in St Helier No.3/4? (although Christian may now fancy his chances in the islandwide). If they put him in district 1 there's a chance he could inadvertently knock out the business puppet on the right in the photo above. Therefore it would seem more logical that they'd run him in 2 district to try to knock out Southern.

With his dad's money he could try for Senator as we have seen this week how a wad of cash can give you an advantage over other candidates but not necessarily bring victory (e.g. Mezec and May). What we don't yet know is how many of the existing COM Senators will stand down in 2018. If, say 4 of them decide to make the move up to Quangos then we might see little Jimmy and his best mate Christian on the islandwide list, maybe alongside the other ones they're currently grooming, like Miss Vatcher and Ben Jehan. However, if all of the current bunch of austerity freaks decide to stand again then that would make it less likely that the Junior Club would be permitted to go islandwide.

I don't do social media but apparently Ozouf posted a good luck message for May on Facebook, which may well explain why he only finished third.  ;D

Re Advocate Rose Colley's quite blatant political campaigning for May - how is she allowed to get away with this? I presume she is still getting paid £10k a year by the taxpayer as Chair of the Jersey Consumer Council? According to her Twitter account (see link below) she is still employed in this role. This is so unfair on the other candidates. Public officials, particularly those in positions of potentially high influence like Colley, should be banned from openly campaigning for candidates in public elections.

Finally, did Gary Burgess read my last post before he tweeted this? Ok, I think he published his before mine but I didn't see it at the time:

Sam must really be kicking himself...
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Re: States of Jersey Elections 15th October 2014
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Jerry, you don't half talk a load of nonsense on this forum.

I will never understand how anyone can talk of someone who publicly made fun of someone suffering from cancer as a viable political candidate.

I had nothing to do with Nick's downfall. He has only himself to blame.

He is not a team player and he is his own worst enemy.

The idea that the candidate who won the two biggest Parishes and came within a small number of votes from winning came out of this election humiliated whereas a candidate who got fewer votes Islandwide than he did the last time he stood for Deputy is somehow exonerated is absurd beyond belief.

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Re: States of Jersey Elections 15th October 2014
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Looking back on the election I always thought a Ferguson, Young or Mezec win satisfactory as all have their own minds, are not much interested in being part of the CoM gang of cronies and seem to generally do what a politician is supposed to do and that is improve the quality of  life for the population.

Upon reflection and various conversations with friends that did actually bother to vote I disagree that there will never be any changes in Jersey's Government. The reason for this view if that was the case, then the Russian wall would never have fallen, the UK ( given the Government spin in that the UK economy will collapse ) Brexit, will happen and slow as it may be Jersey being carved up by money making quango's of paid ex civil servants and even politicians removing realistic everyday power from the elected but weak Government is ripe for intervention from the outside.

It will take time of course maybe even decades, and probably an unforeseen relevent event, but let us think about change, and try and be part of positive change.

The people that actually run the island are the senior civil servants. They changed to three year contracts with the help of Frank Walker which although costing the taxpayer a great deal more in wages, was supposed to give the public the assurance that those highly paid executives heading departments could be  " let go " after three years if they performed badly. Some say that Chief Executive John Richardson ( Its OK to spend £13,000 on flights boys ) is useless and his job under the Governments own rules say that his job should have been advertised. Clearly CM Gorst and the CoM would have been aware of this but just rolled over re employing him just the same.

Why would they do that ? Something is obviously not right, from any angle ?

Back to the candidates, as a simple, test, which of the candidates would have examined Mr Richardsons re- appointment if they were in reality - the Chief Minister ?

Without doubt John Young, Sarah Ferguson and probably Sam Mezec. How about the other eight, actually I truly believe that most of the rest would have not understood the implications of putting a new broom at the head of the civil service. Certainly the establishment candidates would not have had the will,  judging by all of the hustings I have heard, and couple would have trouble understanding the question.

You may feel I am pointing a finger towards the wrong area of Government, yes there are plenty of other areas that are weak but if that is your view can I ask ?

Why does the chief executive  as far as we know with the approval of the CoM, not have a list of management rolls that are redundant given the fact that Harbours and airport are now managed by a board as is the housing department or Jersey Tourism. Why is it that the front line workers get the push. Is this proper use of the public sector work force ? Keeping the chiefs but removing the indians ?

Basically there is a ground swell of public opinion against the elite who carve out big wages and pension deals, a ground swell of opinion against the establishment looking very nicely after their own to the considerable cost of the low and middle earners. I thought that Chris May, the lawyer spoke well and a few years back he would of got my vote. The problem is for me he sounded like another golden tongue Philip ( hardly on the island ) Ozouf. He also probably has a better memory and is able to answer questions, like which documents were you reading on a plane. Maybe Mr May would go to Barbados for three days to see how their law works all at tax payers expense ( rather than using the internet which has all the information required ) or built a department around himself that is concerned with Jersey going independent. Is this normal behaviour for people elected to better the quality of the islands people.

Baliwick Express

It is typical of society to vote the opposite side in,  if the ruling leaders are grossly inadequate overtaxing and making life worse not better for the population. The danger is voting for radical candidates that go too far the other way. So reader -  as Jersey has over £780 million in the bank and your Government has already agreed to borrow £250 million for housing that was never needed - the money not the houses, and are set to borrow more. Get yourselves in a mind set to vote and  have your say in less than two years time to stop the  disguised economic damage that this Government wreaks now. It will seem like a walk in the park in five or ten years time if Jersey is lead the same way. Come to think of it  " Time for Change " was actually an excellent name.


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Re: States of Jersey Elections 15th October 2014
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A photo has finally emerged of what happened at that meeting of UKIP MEPs yesterday: