Author Topic: CM Gorst voted in as leader because he has strength or the opposite ?  (Read 1102 times)

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An interesting article by Bailiwick Express revealing what many islanders have been saying for years, that there are to many managers in Jersey's civil service.

Well done to the BEX. for putting in a freedome of information requests and getting the report even if it is redacted.

Quotes are selective please read full article.

And the report lays bare the scale of the challenge – it compares Guernsey’s annual cost of running their government of £5,907 per person to Jersey’s £9,326.

That means Jersey’s public sector is almost 60% more expensive per Islander than Guernsey’s.

The executive summary of the report has been disclosed in response to a Freedom of Information request by Bailiwick Express. The full report has not been released because it could ‘prejudice the commercial interests’ of the States, and because it could ‘prejudice pay talks’.


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Chief Minister Gorst was praised by politicians accross the divide in the States, for the way he handles the explosive Child Abuse damming report.

See what £50,000 of specialist spin doctors gets you ? No No NO ! It came from the genuine heart of CM Gorst ?

If you remember ex Chief of Police Graham Power was suspended by Deputy Lewis, never let back to work, never charged with any wrong doing, in fact praised by the gold team overseeing operation rectangle. Retired being still suspended.

Today Mr Power is not happy that the Politician at the time - Andrew Lewis,  lied at least twice, once to the states back then, and also to the Child Child abuse panel. He has put an official complaint into the man who wants change,  CM Gorst head of the Jersey Government, over ten days ago. Is Mr Power being treated with courtesy, with respect and with the new transparency and openness preached by  CM Gorst.


Getting back on to topic. Has Graham Power had a reply from chief minister Gorst in respect of the criminal complaint he has made against Andrew Lewis?


voiceforchildren15 July 2017 at 18:37

I can confirm that Mr. Power sent his complaint to the Chief Minister on the 5th of July and has NOT received so much as an acknowledgement of his complaint let alone a reply. This, in itself, is "The Jersey Way" in action. One would have hoped the Chief Minister would have been acting swiftly and decisively but to not even acknowledge receipt of the complaint is a very poor show and gives little confidence that anything has changed despite the COI (damming) report.

All credit to VFC blog.

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gorst is a very weak man indeed. The Jersey Way still alive and kicking.  They will just not make any apology to Power, Harper and Syvret.
Weak man standing is gorst. He could have made himself look good if he did apology.

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The real,"Powers that be", are quite happy to have a snowflake as a figurehead.