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A Better Jersey / Re: "No Taxation without representation".
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on Today at 04:54:51 AM »
If we're a "cosmopolitan society" then what are all those EU Member States across the sea - medieval backwaters still waiting to learn about the font of wisdom that is Reform Jersey? As far as I'm aware, British nationals cannot stand as candidates for any of their national parliaments nor for President, without obtaining citizenship. This is the rule all across the world. Neither can most foreign nationals stand for Parliament in the UK without British citizenship. Are you saying all these great democracies have got it wrong and a States Deputy who faces a very tough battle to retain his seat in St Brelade has somehow got it right?

And here we also allow all foreign nationals to vote for candidates to our national legislature - another privilege that is probably not extended to British nationals anywhere in the EU - at least not in the countries that matter and where everyone wants to live.

We even give them the right to sit on our juries but when I asked for details of how many foreign criminal conviction checks are successfully carried out on non-British nationals who have been selected as potential jurors, they completely ignored me. We are just supposed to take it on trust that they are properly vetting foreign nationals but I am not convinced. The UK has far more respect for the tradition of the jury than us so it would never allow people to serve who can't or won't obtain British citizenship. The reason Jersey broke ranks with the rest of Europe (and most of the World) and allowed foreign nationals into our justice system is because we don't value the jury as a system of justice, just as we don't value our democracy ... and with good reason because it is a total sham. I have already said elsewhere that our legislature is institutionally corrupt. It is worthless. It doesn't protect our interests whoever we vote for. No wonder so many islanders couldn't care less who can stand as a candidate. They have no respect for their own institutions.

As for Edyta Buard (Polish Cultural Centre) who was interviewed tonight in one of the most biased ITV News Channel TV reports I have ever witnessed, when she has learnt how to treat her own employees with the respect they deserve then I might be more willing to take her opinions into account:


Monet (Claimant) v Ms Edyta Buard t/a Polish & Education Association (Respondent)

31st January 2018

The Respondent shall pay to the Claimant the sum of £1,458.60 by way of unpaid wages.

A Better Jersey / "No Taxation without representation".
« Last post by Fritz on Today at 12:14:24 AM »
Really disappointed that States have decided foreign nationals cannot stand for election.
We are supposed to be a cosmopolitan society, and the views and wishes of all permanent residents should be considered.
You cannot expect folk to live and pay their dues in any jurisdiction without having equal rights in government.
General Discussion / Re: Rumour is Murray Norton to Stand
« Last post by boatyboy on Yesterday at 12:30:10 AM »

The Diplomat:

" As well as working with the UK Government, engagement with the diplomatic corps is central to the work of the London Office. As I have mentioned, Jersey has in recent years taken on increasing responsibility for our own international relations, which has led to the establishment of two further overseas offices in Brussels and in Northern France "


Abu Dhabi

Our forward-thinking strategy led us to setting up a regional UAE office in 2011


Brussels Office

No costs allowed says FOI answer regarding London and Brussels.

Plus a brand new states external affairs department costing how much ?

Can anyone please show or give a report showing that all these tax payer funded offices are actually cost effective ?


General Discussion / Re: Rumour is Murray Norton to Stand
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on February 21, 2018, 08:38:00 AM »
Yet another costly event for the elites that took place earlier this month. This time we were hosting it apparently. So presumably we were giving them the gifts and hospitality rather than the other way around.

Re-tweeted by various untouchables including the Ambassadors of Latvia, Slovenia and Finland, Diplomat Magazine, a chap called Peter Hellyer whose location on Twitter is given as "Abu Dhabi and Jersey", the Lords Christian May and Maclean, etc...

How much?

General Discussion / Re: Rumour is Murray Norton to Stand
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on February 19, 2018, 10:03:55 PM »

Another simple example shown below, food costs at a reception was a mere £30 but what of the flight, hotel etc ? Was Senator Paul Routier accompanied by civil servants
What was the real financial cost to the Jersey tax payer. We are all tax payers with GST.

23/10/2017    Reception - The Gherkin - London    £30    Chief Ministers Department    Chief Minister - Gov of Gibralter - London    Assistant Minister senator Paul Routier(representing Chief Minster)


Yes, these are valid questions - and don't forget taxis too! If you look back up this thread to my earlier post of 27th July 2017, I mention Norton's apparent presence at 'Jersey Day' in London on 9th/10th July and then there's a photo of him feasting at Bad Wurzach, Germany, later that same week.

Now if you look at this latest register of gifts and hospitality for 2017, there appears to be only one single entry for 'Jersey Day' and that is for Deputy Scott Wickenden to have lunch worth £50 at the RAC Club, Pall Mall, courtesy of Digital Jersey (very worrying, by the way, as they are currently lobbying to set up an international academy to attract students here from all around the world, which will create even greater housing chaos for locals at the lower end of the rental market, not to mention stealing our jobs, getting treated for free at Accident & Emergency after drunken nights out, subsidised Doctors' appointments and free prescriptions after 6 months, etc.).

There are 2 other entries for Gorst dated 10th July (gifts of coins from Hinduja Group) but nothing to say that this took place in London. The only other similar entry in July that happened in London is Lord and Lady Maclean's invitation to a Bastille Day reception at the French Embassy (£50 declared, no doubt the Ambassador spoiled them rotten with Ferrero Rochers!).

So nothing at all in the register for Murray Norton's visits to London and Germany. We know he must have ate in Germany because there's a photo showing him at the table with other guests. Did he or did he not actually attend the Jersey Day event at Pall Mall and if so, did he dine with the other guests in the same way as Wicko did? I am confused as to how an event held in Germany, presumably at least partly at the expense of the local hosts, doesn't seem to qualify as gifts or hospitality, yet his visit to that Guernsey Awards bash last February does.

As you have pointed out, the flight and accommodation details are not included with any of these declarations. So in the same week in July, we had, at the very least, 2 Assistant Ministers in London (Wickenden and Norton) present for Jersey Day in some shape or form. It is surely inconceivable that there wouldn't have been at least 1 Minister in attendance too, but the register is apparently silent on this (unless Gorst's gifts from Hinduja were received while he was in London at the same event?). Yes- there must have been at least 1 top civil servant present too. Then 4 days later, the Macleans are lording it up too. How many Jersey Ministers and Assistant Ministers were in London that week and how much did this all cost when flights and accommodation are included?

And I presume that this is going to be an annual shindig in London so we will have to shell out all over again this July after they've got themselves re-elected...  >:(
General Discussion / Re: Rumour is Murray Norton to Stand
« Last post by boatyboy on February 18, 2018, 05:07:41 PM »

It may be your money that civil servants and politicians are spending on trips abroad and to the UK  [ some obviously necessary  ] to represent the islands interest.

This being the case, why should all expenses not be listed, why the big secret ?

The  States book of rules at this time state all trips on behalf of the island come under States business and do not need to be declared. I would argue that although this may be the case but a transparent and open Government with nothing to hide would include travel costs against each and every politician. Remember a politician is married to a partner living in London, and claimed to be working out of the Westminster Jersey office traveling almost each and every week to the island paid for by us.

Another simple example shown below, food costs at a reception was a mere £30 but what of the flight, hotel etc ? Was Senator Paul Routier accompanied by civil servants
What was the real financial cost to the Jersey tax payer. We are all tax payers with GST.

23/10/2017    Reception - The Gherkin - London    £30    Chief Ministers Department    Chief Minister - Gov of Gibralter - London    Assistant Minister senator Paul Routier(representing Chief Minster)

Back to the long-running Murray Norton saga.

Last week an FOI response revealed that during 2017 alone he received gifts and hospitality to the value of £512. Most notably, it included an invite to Guernsey's Awards for Achievement at Beau Sejour ("Gala, accomodation + flights") valued at an estimated £307. Even by the standards of serial hospitality blaggers Farnham and Bailhache, this amount stands out for its individual high cost (although Farnham got a £500 ticket to watch Take That).

As the revelations contained nothing that could cause embarrassment to Reform Jersey's 3 members, the BBC were able to report the details online:

Obvious question: why is Guernsey paying hundreds of pounds to invite a Jersey Assistant Minister to a Guernsey awards ceremony? Do we have to return the favour in some way to one of their government puppets? My next thought was whether he was compering the event and getting paid for it but this register supposedly lists only gifts and hospitality, which I take not to include any paid work that members of the government privately undertake. I also did a google search and I can't find any evidence that Norton compered the event. So it appears he was on official Jersey government business this time - not working. Yet we know that compering this type of event is Murray's bread and butter, so being able to wine and dine with the organisers will do his chances of being offered a paid compering role in the future absolutely no harm whatsoever.  ::) If he does turn up as a paid compere at this event some time in future, either while he remains as a member of Jersey's government or perhaps after he has been kicked out of the States (hopefully this May), I am unaware that he would have breached any anti-corruption laws or guidelines .... because there doesn't appear to be any that would cover this!  >:(

The link to this FOI response is here:

Another potentially significant piece of news, election-wise, is that on 16th October, Murray took up a part-time job as Sales Manager for Liberty Wharf Apartments located at Liberty Wharf, Esplanade. Why take up extra paid work so close to an election? Is he planning to step down like Routier? Or is he going to stand again but is getting a bit worried about the public reaction he might receive in May, hence the sudden urge to start hedging his bets? Well I really shouldn't get my hopes up like this!

He has immediately started replying to all comments posted by guests to that establishment on Trip Advisor, called himself "Director of Sales" (although he declared himself to be only an employee, not a Director, on his Statement of Interests). Luckily for Murray, most of the reviews since he took over the job have been positive, which is a relief for him because he is known to be a particularly sensitive soul who will block people who post anything about him on social media that he doesn't approve of. What happens when the inevitable rotten review gets posted on Trip Advisor - is there a way to get negative comments wiped? I'm sure he's been asking himself the very same question!

A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on February 16, 2018, 07:14:43 AM »
It's terribly sad and disheartening to note how island politics has changed immeasurably for the worst since Routier was first elected in 1993. I remember it well as I was an elector in his district and met him and some of the other candidates.

I knew even then that he would end up on the Establishment side but he came across as a bit harmless and I never foresaw that he would be the man who would be responsible for the gross deception that was hiding behind the Income Support Law. People reading this won't understand what sort of deception I mean (and doubtless they don't care) but there was (and still is) highly controversial political intent hidden deep within some apparently minor and uncontroversial articles of that Law. The whole point of it is that the general hoi polloi never get to know what the real hidden meaning of these articles is (and doubtless don't care). They were so uncontroversial that Minister Routier barely said anything about them by way of explanation when he proposed the Law to the States in 2006 and, naturally, a compliant Chamber never queried any of it and just said "pour" to everything.

A decade later I discovered some of the real, underlying meaning of that deeply-hidden content. It gives future Assemblies the power to make subordinate legislation that directly conflicts with the express words of the 2006 statute. So the 2006 Assembly read the terms of what was proposed, saw nothing controversial with it and voted to make it law. They presented an apparently uncontroversial law to the Privy Council who duly gave it Royal Assent in 2007. Now it turns out that one of those uncontroversial articles gives the States the power, as I said,  to make subordinate legislation (thus not requiring Royal Assent) that can directly conflict with the express words included in the 2006 Law - and without even having to actually amend what the 2006 Law says. It is a very clever deception and means that certain elements of laws that are highly controversial and which might not be welcomed by the Privy Council can simply be left out of the main body of the law that is sent to London. It then gets Royal Assent and then some time later, using the clauses with hidden content, the States can then rubber-stamp the more controversial aspects in the form of Regulations, away from prying London eyes. Even more concerning is the fact that nearly identically-worded clauses are also included in many other major Jersey Laws. So you think that a certain law assures you certain particular rights because such and such a term is clearly stated in the body of the principal legislation which can normally only be amended with the approval of the Privy Council, but in reality a Minister could just rely on these ambiguously-worded clauses with hidden content to lodge Regulations which directly conflict with the parent law - and get away with it!

Either Mr Routier was informed by the Law Officers of these hidden powers in the Law back in 2006 and kept quiet about it, or, just as worrying I think, he possibly didn't even know about them himself and maybe wasn't even made aware of them by the Law Officers. None of us will live to find out, as I believe States legal advice is exempt under the FOI Law for 100 years. The former option suggests that he, as an elected official, perhaps knew a bit more about the hidden powers in the Law than he mentioned in the Assembly. The latter suggests the Law Officers didn't fully make him aware of all the hidden powers that they had carefully sewn into the fabric of the articles. Either way, it says nothing encouraging at all about the standard of legislating and governing in this island whose present leaders want full independence from the UK to write whatever laws they want without Privy Council interference.

And there was me back in 1993 thinking that this amiable chap couldn't do much harm...  ::) 
A Better Jersey / Re: The coming election
« Last post by boatyboy on February 16, 2018, 02:10:52 AM »
In a moral and decent island, ex civil servants and ex  politicians would not be allowed to sit on Quango's or employment boards.

How can these people be called independent when they have being employed by the Government, and as an ex civil servant still receiving money by way of a pension and then paid again by the Government on a board or quango. An ex politician may have close ties with serving Government ministers or deputies etc.



« Last post by Jerry Gosselin on February 15, 2018, 07:45:37 PM »
Routier is quoted by ITV News Channel TV as saying he has decided to "take up other challenges":


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