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Ozouf's Flights
« on: December 02, 2016, 02:48:53 AM »
So Ozouf strikes again,breaking rules and wasting our money with no consquences.
Some remaining questions:
Who funded the Estonian Ambassador trip here in the first place?Probably us.
Why didn't they get him some tickets on EasyJet?
Why did he simply not pay for the flight himself?
From the fantasy film to Logfiller it seems we are intent on giving our money away and trying to buy friends, with no accountability.
The word must be out to every con artist and their dog that Jersey is a soft touch and just begging to be ripped off.
From gifting money to 'start ups' to companies not paying any tax to our hospital surgeons using the hospital to treat private patients.
Why are we so desperate to sell our soul or rather give it away.It is no surprise that now 80% of the tax in take is now paid by individuals,us mugs.
It seems to me that this state of affairs is unsustainable and certainly can't be serviced by uncontrolled immigration for much longer.
When will it break and when will we see a more realistic government,more accountability and a fairer society.

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Re: Ozouf's Flights
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2016, 05:46:03 AM »

As always shortport when the people say enough is enough.

When there is no food left in the larder, or the electricity bill becomes a struggle.

Of course it is common sense just like at school, when you get bullied and then one day you say enough, because you have had enough of this crap and fight back.

When lazy well fed islanders get out of their arm chairs and houses and get involved. When only six hundred  [ and growing ] angry souls rip down the fence at the waterfront office site or gather in the Royal Square early on a Tuesday morning and pelt the Ministers with rotten eggs and tomatoes, then they will listen, they rule by complacency and cannot cope with a population taking arms and showing their power. Then Jersey will have a future.

To think 49 people in the states, 12 or so good ones, some idiots some power mad, some brain dead can borrow millions, and screw up our future generations and keep on selling the family silver [ think 150 year leases ] because 100,000 people living here let them.

How can five civil servants working in the Chief Ministers department be paid over £200,000 each and the Bailiff of a rock get £330,000 each year ? How can millionaire civil servants get away with being paid such ridiculous amounts  for doing what ? Yet working people are constantly hit with more taxes and charges.

Because you and I reader let them.

If you love your family, Jersey and your future then action must be taken and will be taken. The question is how much suffering before that day ? Six months, three years, ten years because that day is coming you make a decision when you are going to make the effort. Hopefully you will still have something left.


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Re: Ozouf's Flights
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2016, 07:56:40 AM »
If the Jersey government is allowed to continue unchallenged down this road to independence (without its population ever getting a say until it is too late to stop) then we will all have to get used to extravagant spending like this happening on a more regular basis. After all, that is what the high-flying world of international diplomacy is all about - five star hotels in the world's most expensive cities with the same standard of travel to whisk you there and back. We should just be thankful that they took Concorde out of service a decade ago otherwise their cabin crew would be sick of the sight of Ozouf's ugly face by now.

Don't forget that Estonia is just one amongst dozens of countries that Ozouf, Maclean and Gorst are trying to cosy up to. There is also Apartheid Israel, the women-hating, Islamic State supporting Saudis and the other Gulf States, the land-grabbing, elephant and tiger slaughtering Chinese ... the list goes on and on. All their ambassadors will have to be wined and dined at some point at our own expense. Some of this dining may take place in London on Ozouf's States Credit Card, no doubt with some complimentary tickets to watch England play rugger thrown in on top. Well at least that would save us £4,000 having to fly them out of the island I suppose.

Then there is Jersey's current application to join UEFA, which is solely aimed at increasing the number of diplomatic visits made to the island. Currently there is little more than a free trip to Durrell to offer them, which is hardly likely to appeal to diplomats from the far east, given that it is very often the demand from their own countries which is leading these animals to the brink of extinction. If the COM can buy their way into the notoriously corrupt UEFA (who would bet against it?) then pretty soon we will be able to offer them free tickets to watch the likes of Gareth Bale or Wayne Rooney hammering a mixed bunch of out of condition Portuguese and Scots pretending to be Jerseymen, while Goebbels (Sir Geoff Cook of Jersey Finance) spins them a completely made up fairy tale about how wonderful and law-abiding the island's government and finance industry is.

As part of that UEFA bid, the island is currently involved in litigation at the CAS. I am waiting for the cost of this litigation to be revealed. Maybe they will try to hide it by charging it to the relevant sports Quango instead of to the States. I reckon when it is all settled and we've got that crucial UEFA membership, the next thing they will want to do is either spend millions on Springfield to add exclusive executive boxes and bring it up to the standards of a premiership club, or if that's not possible they'll start looking for a site to build a completely new stadium. The Jersey rugger squad are allowed to import their players from anywhere in the world, so I would fully expect the Jersey football team to be allowed to do the same. With all that money coming in from the TV rights, they will be splashing out on Brazilians and Africans to take up Jersey citizenship and play for the 'national' side (so maybe not that many Portuguese and Scots in the team after all!). The court system should do really well out of it too with all the extra fines income generated by the growth in drink driving!

Then of course there are the Trump children. I would not be surprised at all if we discover in the next year that Ozouf has made initial contact with one of them. Everyone knows that the price of having better relations with the USA for the next few years will be to have good business relationships with those running President Trump's international empire....

A Trump skyscraper hotel on JDC land down at the Waterfront, perhaps?  :-[ Come on Ozouf - you know you want it!  :P

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Re: Ozouf's Flights
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2016, 07:00:21 PM »
I think we all know trying to join UEFA is nothing to do with sport its all about money.I'm sure there are plenty of teams that would want to buy and sell multi million pound players via our sad little tax haven.

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Re: Ozouf's Flights
« Reply #4 on: December 11, 2016, 05:13:02 AM »
How can you get the people to go to Royal Square and throw eggs etc to the CoM's?
This is what is needed because by 2018 we will be ruined.