Author Topic: Eddie Noel not being honest with St Helier Residents  (Read 453 times)

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Eddie Noel not being honest with St Helier Residents
« on: March 03, 2016, 11:57:54 PM »
It would appear that a Covenant is a powerful legal tool. Why else would they States of Jersey try and have the one on La Motte school removed oh yes to have another Cyril Le Marquand house built there to house hundreds of civil servants, there is no parking and no decent view. This is probably a ploy to fill the SoJDC - 80% - empty office development.

Eddie Noel, that man of many faces, knows he needs to start breaking Covenants so he can get his way. One of his biggest interest at the moment is to charge every islander twice for rubbish removal. So what a web he weaves ?


There is a Covenant with a capital " C " on charging St Helier parish residents brought in when Ballozane was used for the Jerseys" Incinerator and liquid smelly stuff.
This means that there is no way " Jose" Noel can charge any St Helier resident a 1p more for rubbish. Is this not paid for by the rates or tax revenue anyway.

This brings us back to La Motte Street smoke screen. If he can break the one on that building it can be used as an excuse to break the one on Bellozane.

he is wasting no time pushing ahead with plans to charge £10 million per year to get rid of our waste.


Why is this small item important? I think it sets an important precedents which strengthen the way for the Council of Ministers to abrogate other restrictive covenants on the basis that the situations have changed.

In particular, two spring to mind:

The Bellozane Covenant and the Sewage Charge

Thanks to tonymusings.

The point is this again shows how deceitful and underhand " some " of our less than competent politicians have become and even worse money grabbing non entities lead by CM Gorst.

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