Author Topic: Jersey lawyers and civil servants refuse to hand over some critical evidence,  (Read 1256 times)

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Even though the UK may take information from the Jersey child abuse inquiry, even though Jersey efforts will be watched by "outsiders " Jersey lawyers and civil servants still refuse to hand over documents to the enquiry in their misguided arrogance.

This plays into the hands of the critics of the COI saying it is just a side show, a paper tiger meant to go through the motions but without teeth or any real desire in it's terms of reference ( TOR's ) to hold the Jersey elite to account.

Where is the Chief Minister voice, supporting the enquiry by ordering his executive chief of civil servants John Richardson to order States departments officers to comply or face dismissal ?

Francis Oldham should be praised for bringing these issues into the public domain and spotlight.

The news of lack of cooperation will do nothing to add public confidence to the inquiry and is another valid reason why the Jersey mess should be absorbed into a proper legal and far more structured and forcefull UK enquiry.

It would be interesting to the see if Jersey's civil servants and lawyers would tell the UK authorities to get lost we are not playing.

Jersey is seen by many on literally dozens of internet blogs as the paedophile island, these misguided ( or worried ) high ranking lawyers and civil servant's are adding to that reputation which is unfair to the majority of good people that live on Jersey.

It may be given the latest lack of full cooperation by lawyers and civil servants, that the chairperson Francis Oldham QC, saves her reputation and the dignity of her panel and corrects the appalling situation. This would be achieved by personally writing to the Hon. Lowell Goddard DNZM with a request to include Jersey in her review in an effort to discover the whole truth.

Bailiwick Express

Reports, emails and investigations are some of the key documents that are being held back from the abuse inquiry, according to the senior lawyer leading it.

Frances Oldham QC has made the explosive allegation at the end of the current phase of hearings, saying that States departments and government lawyers are refusing to hand over some critical evidence, and handing some files over too late to ask questions of key witnesses.

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With a government obessed with its reputation (no doubt to provide stability to the finance industry) this is a bit of an own goal.Either that or they have something to hide.Either way they've ****ed up big time.This government has a history of brushing its problems under the carpet,what if reputable finance companies start to pull out of the island because they don't want to be associated with a government that covers up child abuse.Ozouf and Gorst are always going on about being well regulated and transparent - well lets see some transparency.

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I wonder who is telling the law officers to hold back with giving info to the child abuse enquiry?
Bet your bottom dollar the it is bailhache with his fingers in amongst this along with his brother the bailiff.
He will do anything he can to shut down the enquiry and  you do not have to wonder why after the lastest info that has come pout in the last few days at the enquiry about bailhache.
When you are living in the world of bailhache he does not give any thought what so ever to anybody outside of his circle and believe he can do what ever he wants because he is bailhache.
The man ( don't like calling him a man ) is a disgrace to this island along with the people he is trying to keep out of child abuse and all the things that was done to cover it up.

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As some one said.
 You are just trying to shaft jersey.
  The only thing I can see. Shafting  jersey is. The lack of full. Disclosure . IMHO.
I noticed in the jeep  we had. A pull out with a lot of old mr battles  from. Battle of. Flowers. Past .
 No sign of. That jimmy Saville   At all , just like it never happened .

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Well i have been very surprised that the JEP has had the front page headlines that they have had recently. In the past you would never had seen bailhache on front page with bad headline.
Now we know JEP has a new man at the helm but is it because the sale of the paper has fallen very low and they now put some truth on the front page to try and get the resders back.
They do seem to be having a go at the ministers lately.