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The new illusion, your fifty million.
« on: April 13, 2015, 12:08:02 AM »
The reason this thread is called your £50 million is because I am thinking about the money Government takes in taxes to spend wisely on making life better for the community that pays said tax's.

Fact and fiction - you decide.

First we had Senator Bailache standing up for you dear tax payer, worried about spending your money. Well at least it makes a change from him travelling the world in five star luxury actually spending it in real life, Barbados for the weekend anyone ? The point being, did he ever give an intelligent break down of how the child abuse enquiry could ever reach that amount ? If he did, it must have been a whisper.

Now £50 million as we all know is a shed full of money, a very big shed. How strange that we are now supposed to believe that the new hospital is going to cost, go on guess ? Yep another £50 million because of delays, any breakdown or explanation nope.

These people do have a point of course, and it is a rather worrying point.

It appears that for all the bluster and mountain of words fed to the public about constrained spending and mid term budgets and ……………   oh I give up !! Nobody is actually to bothered about spending the tax revenues of Jersey, that is becoming obvious £300,000 to fix a round sea wall, and put a lightbulb and loo in a bunker. A job that a  big cement mixer and a few of blokes could have done in a month. But they had to build it ? No they did not they had to patch it up and put a couple of iron doors on it.

Lets examine the proof. Where is the reduction in public sector non front line staff there is none, none at all, in fact staff levels have grown by approximately 200 in the last two years. We have a States member who's department spend the most on travel during his last year as treasury Minister, that is Senator ( because I am worth it ) Ozouf, who for some weird reason spends two days a week lodged up in London, with the tax payer paying all his travel and associated costs. How is that efficient use of the tax pound or of a states members time ?

There again even more worrying, some bright spark thought, lets improve the green and picturesque Parishes road improvements. Did they ask ? who cares give them half a million per year it's not our money. Behold a parish spends on a silly little roundabout complete of course with a brass plaque a mere £250,000 thank God it cost so much we only have to use up another £250,000 said a pissed off parish resident after his fourth pint in the St Marys pub.

The point being, Treasury Minister Alan Maclean, and several other ministers need a crash course, in economics. I suggest Mrs De Feu, from St Clements as tutor. The lady has brought up four children, on her husbands meagre wages, only borrowing for the car, and mortgage. Always put food on the table and never been in dept. It is true that holidays have been sparse, and the kids got second hand bikes, also the washing machine, but they never wanted for anything,  all without the help of consultants. This is probably true for many of us, who are wary of spending what we do not have ?

You know if a silly little unnecessary roundabout, which is basically built by digging a round hole, putting in a level bed of fine sand or dry concrete, and then arranging some bricks neatly cost apparently £250,000 then Jersey is in serious trouble with these people guessing figures without ryme or reason and doing the same when it comes to spending islanders money.



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Re: The new illusion, your fifty million.
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What is it that Ozouf does in London two days a week - every week?If I was he's employer (which in a sense I am ) I'd like to know a)who gave him permission,b) what the bloody hell is he doing every day.He is obviously a drain on taxpayers money so maybe its better if a) we stopped paying him b) we encouraged him to stay in London.