Author Topic: Who is actually living on Jersey ?  (Read 1008 times)

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Who is actually living on Jersey ?
« on: December 17, 2014, 07:42:26 PM »

May I share a couple of thoughts regarding immigrant’s.

Let me be clear in that I have no problem with any person moving country to find paid work, in fact it is sad that one may have to leave family and friends behind to have to relocate to make a living. It is the job of Government to not allow benefit or health tourism and in my opinion take in workers who benefit the country not drain it.

Immigration is high on the agenda in UK politics and also here on Jersey with it’s creaking infrastructure and large population figure per square mile. With Greece, France and Spain suffering very high unemployment levels people are tying to feed their families and are desperate for work.

However as the local media have little appetite for getting involved with in depth reporting  several questions regarding the influx of new workers into Jersey need answering after reading the articles below.

It is clear that travel between the UK mainland and Jersey requires no passport by ferry. So who is actually getting off the boat. Let us dig a little deeper as police and customs man the ferry and airport.

How can checks be carried out, Jersey not being a member of the EU ?

How about health checks from the African nations are these done ? if so by who,  a paid doctor in a village or by the Jersey medical profession paid for by a future employer, if at all.

Do the Jersey authorities have any idea of the history of the individuals coming off the boat or plane, if not why not ?  While the UK and other countries may be large compared to this small island, thieves, rapists and murderers with criminal histories surely should be spotted but are they ?

Open for debate, and it would be good to know that screening is in progress, but is it ?

Daily Mail.

A violent robber who mugged an elderly woman in the street and tried to tear off her jewellery had been allowed into Britain despite a string of previous convictions in his native Slovakia.

The Home Office has lost track of 174,000 illegal immigrants and is struggling to find them, a report revealed today.

DNA samples from thousands of foreign criminals have been deleted from British databases due to a legal loophole.

Police are not allowed to store swabs or fingerprints from offenders who were convicted abroad, it emerged yesterday.


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Re: Who is actually living on Jersey ?
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2014, 11:23:08 PM »
 i would guess , that there is  little or no clue about  the  latest or  previous arrivals.
this  reshuffled , returned to its seats government ;), will continue to let people any one in from the EU.
unless the person is a professional , ie  doctor , surgeon or top finance worker .
 we should be training from  within , and educating  in the schools .
  for years  even decades , our young have being leaving  school , ill equipped for  the work place .
 and  employers(not  all)  have  favored  , the immigrant who could do .
one  of  the most damaging things to  blight this  l overly  island  is the need to get rich quick  and pure greed .
what do i expect  as  a  ordinary  working person  for 2015 , being  short changed   by  both   the  government ,  and  a  derogatory  pay rise  from  my   employer .
  mind  you  there  are  now too may  companies  doing  what  i  do  in  a   tiny  area ,  as  the race  to  the bottom   continues .