Author Topic: TV Licenses - Rip off in Jersey?  (Read 4839 times)

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Re: TV Licenses - Rip off in Jersey?
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I want ITV in the channel islands to have HD. If we can have BBC HD then why can we not have ITV.

Not only is ITV1 unavailable in HD on Freeview (terrestrial) but it is hard enough to find on satellite as well. If I recall, you used to be able to press the red button on your local ITV1 station in order to switch to HD but that facility has long since gone. There is no ITV1 HD on Freesat either.

One of the few ways I am aware of is to try to tune your Astra 2 satellite decoder box to UTV HD (ITV for Northern Ireland) on 11067/11068 MHz (frequency), V (polarisation), 23000/ 23.0Mbaud (symbol rate), 2/3 (FEC), as this station is broadcast in HD. However, I have heard that some satellite and Sky decoders won't allow you to enter the symbol rate (i.e. 23000/23.0), thus apparently preventing viewers from tuning in to the regional versions of BBC and ITV of their choice (feedback on this welcome).

According to this web page (link below), ITV is also available on satellite in HD for Wales, STV West, London, Granada, Central West and Meridian SE regions as well as UTV:

It must a bit embarrassing for the UK broadcasting industry that many ITV1 viewers across the UK will only be able to watch today's two live Rugby World Cup matches in the poorer SD quality, whereas French viewers will be able to watch them in superior HD quality on free-to-air channel TF1.  :-[
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Re: TV Licenses - Rip off in Jersey?
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Another rip off is free View on Jersey. I was visiting a friend in Cumbria watching their free view TV stations when I noticed they had loads of extra channels compared to Jersey which has far less. Next time I visit I shall count them.

For such a wealthy island the people should get a far better service.